Tile Installation Methods and How It Affects Value

Tile Installation Methods and How It Affects Value

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The type of tile set up your tile installer makes use of directly affects the value of installation. It isn’t only price it’s worthwhile to consider, however. The type of installation your installer makes use of can also have an effect on how your floor tile stands as much as wear and tear and easily the test of time. As a consumer, you must understand the three primary types of tile installation so when it comes time to decide on the best installer, you know what type of set up is right for you too.

Mortar and Wire Reinforcement

Mortar and wire reinforcement requires the installer to spread mortar on the floor to create a foundation. On top of the mortar, the installer uses mastic (glue) to adhere the tiles to the mortar. This type of floor installation takes more time than the opposite two options and subsequently can be more expensive. In the long run although, this form of tile installation creates a more level and stable floor as well.


Mortarboard installation is one other option. As far as quality and expense is concerned, this is the mid-level option. It is much like mortar and wire reinforcement, except that the mortarboard is in pre-minimize sheets. Using the pre-minimize sheets takes the installer less time and is less expensive, but this installation method can crack the tile in vertical situations where the framing and Sheetrock meet at the seams of the tile.

Glue (mastic)

You even have the option of getting the tile installer glue (mastic) the tiles directly to the floor. This technique takes the least amount of time and therefore is the least expensive way to install tile. The problem with this installation technique is it easier for the tile to crack and break.

Other Cost Considerations

It isn’t just the type of installation methodology that changes the price of your tile installation. The complicatedity of the project can be a factor. If the installer has to make numerous cuts to accommodate for corners, doors and different angles within the room, this adds to the cost. Designs and patterns additionally improve the price of your installation. Quality, expertise and skill of the installer may also make a difference in how much you pay. Keep in mind that you just typically get what you pay for, so in case you try to minimize corners by hiring the least expensive installer, you could end up paying more in the long term because it’s a must to hire one other installer to fix the mistakes of the “cheaper” one.

You must shop around and evaluate installers. Now that you simply know what to look for, you can evaluate tile set up firms the right way and by evaluating the best factors.

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