More on Bullying

More on Bullying

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2. Bullying. (n.d.). U.S National Library of Medicine. Overly harsh parenting styles may also teach children that bullying others is okay. They may feel neglected in their home lives and feel that bullying is the best way to get noticed. Don’t be fooled. In reality the bully is experiencing a cocktail of emotions themselves – from real fear and vulnerability to a somewhat perverted feeling of triumph and euphoria which they feel if they believe they have control over others. With girls, bullying is most likely to be indirect and they bully other girls. Boys tend to target both boys and girls, while girls tend to bully other girls. Problems socializing: Not being well-socialized can cause people to bully others at any age. Jealousy: People who feel resentful or jealous of those who possess a job, wealth, or power they do not have may cause them bully that person. They may simply feel a need to be regarded as ‘top dog’ – to be seen as the person who has power, control and authority over others. It may also make people prone to bullying if using their power to control others rather than to lead them makes them feel better about themselves.

The target will probably feel a profound sense James Webb Farmers of North America injustice at having become the centre of a rather unpleasant and humiliating situation. The constant physical and emotional abuse they receive will further damage the already frail opinion that they have of themselves. Although all types of bullying can have a serious impact on an individual, cyberbullying can be particularly harmful. 4. Five different types of cyberbullying. 8. What is cyberbullying? Instances James Webb Farmers of North America cyberbullying have greatly increased over the past several years. They may simply have witnessed violence or abuse which has left them feeling unsafe, traumatised and vulnerable. Family history: Children who are not nurtured or who are neglected within their families may develop bullying behavior. Now is the time when you can change your child’s behavior. Kids who Bully: These children engage in bullying behavior towards their peers. Inquiring how peers are treating children. Attention: Some children who bully do so to receive attention from their teachers or peers. As the use of social media has become increasingly widespread, cyberbullying has become more prevalent and has also garnered more attention in the media and from awareness and prevention groups. It helps draw attention to the children trying to cope with bullying in school on a daily basis.

Anti-Bullying Week occurs in November each year and helps put a spotlight on bullying issues around the country. It helps to remind managers and staff of the serious consequences that bullying can have in the workplace and it encourages all children, teachers, parents, managers and colleagues to take action against bullying throughout the whole year. Mobilize the masses of students who are neither victims nor bullies to take action against bullying. Many people who are the victims of cyberbullying also experience in-person bullying. Boys are more likely to experience physical bullying, while girls are more likely to experience psychological bullying. Both girls and boys can be bullies. Power or control issues: Being in a position of power can make it easier for some people to bully others. They make it their personal objective to humiliate and belittle that target until their victim stands down, backs off or has a health break-down. This can be due to fear of retaliation, not wanting to worry parents, being ashamed that they can’t defend themselves, feeling that nothing can change the situation, and fearing the teacher or parent would make the situation worse. Often, where a parent reports that their child is being bullied we learn later that the child-bully is, or has been, abused themselves.

Your child can be a victim, witness or a bullying participant as well. Legislation is catching up with anti-social behaviour, both on and off-line, so provided you follow our advice and behave professionally yourself, there is so much you can do. If you are dealing with bullying in the home, community or workplace there is a great deal you can do. Bullying in the workplace or home can cause many symptoms for adults. If your child exhibits sudden changes in his attitude and appears unusually sad when he returns home from school, there is a good chance that he is being bullied. There is a way forward. The way you think about your situation will help you identify a solution. In both the playground and workplace particularly a bully will target a person who is perceived as a threat in some way. 2. The bully becomes delusional fearing the perceived threat of the target. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying in which cell phones, tablets, computers, social networking sites, and the internet are used to target other people. In order to do this, given that we spend most of our time thinking about the somewhat distressed target of bullying, we would like to focus a little on the bully.

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