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If Simlun enters the league this year, he felt that he could not stay. Under the influence of the epidemic, the team offset training was canceled, and the preseason was also canceled. The team lineup during the training camp also had a certain shrinkage. Simlun believes that the players who have been from their own will not get the opportunity to prove themselves.

Candidate quadruption 卫 Joe-Bo: I don’t want to compare with Tom Braddy

Joe Burrow is widely considered that it will become a draft chance this year, but he hopes that his career is temporarily not to be given a very high expectation.

Masaki stayed in Brown’s training field in Brown, and once appeared in the Haiying’s list, it was 3 times for the Hawie, and pushed 12 yards. In the 2015 season, the crow was twice and contributed 4 yards.

Viking outside the Erover Adam – Sim: If you are in this year, you will not be able to stay.

Minnesota Weijing took over ADAM THIELEN, two degrees were selected for career bowl, but 7 years ago, he was a new show from Minnesota State University. He must work hard in the mini training camp and in the preseason.

“I know if I am in the rookie this year, I will not be able to stay in NFL,” Shetten said. “There will be no chance. Therefore, (for the new show) is very difficult, but at the same time, this is the unique situation that no one can foresee.”

At present, there is still a vacancy in the list of the Haiying team, and Carol said that the team will fill it on Saturday, but not revealing which player. The main corner of the tibia injured, Brown Maxwell, also recovered normal training on Friday, which is undoubtedly a good news for the team, because once Jelmi can’t play, Brown’s regression can be effective It supplements.

If En Empari is really able to stay in the team, he may be able to challenge the jet on Smith when you challenge the jet at the tenth week. Although the jet coach said that Smith is not guaranteed to be the first, it can be returned in the seventh week according to the recovery progress of the lack of 6-10 weeks. The two teams will meet again in the seventeenth week.

49ers coach Shanahan: Be patient team at the quarterback position

After obtaining the authority in charge of the team, the San Francisco 49ers new coach Kyle – Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) looks every quarterback own coached together.

Broo’s talents and psychology are enough to make him a good NFL player, but let us first give him such a high evaluation. Some mobile actions may be seen in the quartz guard net, let him look like Braddy, but he is a long way to go from Brradi’s height.

At least it can be said that Ampari joins Bill is very interested. En Eimpary is a member of Lane. “I want to obviously he makes mistakes, it is not reasonable, I don’t want to say this is not a mistake,” Ryan said. “But I also believe that he will learn from this mistake and we will give him a chance to compete, this young man does not guarantee the team.”

Shanahan also said he and general manager John – Lynch (John Lynch) will be considered by the transaction, the introduction of free agency and the draft way to rebuild the team, but he also understood that even if there is a good quarterback who has not 49 ready to compete division title.

Shanahan has six years to turn over the leadership of 49 people. Previously he has coached a number of successful quarterback out, there is no need for him to do in the future stakes gamble to get Cousins.

NFL confirms that they will investigate this fighting event on Wednesday, which may lead to the punishment of En Empari. Moreover, Smith may ask Empari to get legal punishment, but he has not yet made this decision.

Perhaps the most widely circulated argument is that Shanahan will work hard to chase quarterbacks Kirk – Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins), even if the Washington Redskins let Cousins ​​become a franchise tag player, which means that 49 people have to pay two first-round draft picks.

Haiying team coach Pitt-Carrol is talked to the plane to Philadelphia on Friday: “Cooper (sprained ankle) feels that he has completely rehabilled, there is no problem; while Jelmetan (ankle injured Restore is limited, but we will still bring him together. “

He also said: “You do not want to gamble you want to have the initiative in every aspect, but you have to do the right thing you have to use the right way to build the team, this is what I call patience…”

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