The reality Is You are not The only Particular person Involved About Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China

The reality Is You are not The only Particular person Involved About Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China

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Play in the playoffs: the packageman and steel people successfully advanced

In the sixteenth week, the Green Bay packaging campus defeated Tampawan pirates 20: 3, this victory also made the packwork to ensure the qualification of the playoff, next week, the package will be passionately confrontation To determine who is the name of the National Lianbei District to get the first round of welfare benefits. The Pittsburgh steel man is at home at 20:12 to win the Chief of Kansas City, and the next two seasons will return to the season.

The bear coach clarified the previous speech will be determined next week to determine the first quarter-saving candidate.

It seems that the Chicago bear decided that the first quarter-saving candidate has entered the countdown.

Vikings defensive end because of Griffin treated for mental problems

Beijing News September 26, US time Tuesday morning, according to cheap Nfl jerseys from china Network reporter Tom – Peilisailuo (Tom Pelissero) reported that Vikings defensive end Iverson – Griffin (Everson Griffen) in the past few weeks suffered severe mental health problems, is currently a local hospital for evaluation of treatment.

Vikings coach Mike – Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) was denied after the game Griffin is absent for personal reasons, but then prove numerous reports, Griffin was arrested at the weekend, because he had tried to break-teammate house. He also recorded the shooting threat to others in the hotel.

Griffin participated in the Vikings first two games of the season, every game harvest 0.5 sack, but according to Peilisailuo reported, “The situation has become difficult to control in the last week, the Vikings listed him as not play. “

Who will take a first quarter-saving, which is the most focused decision during this year, this decision may also order the tone of the bear team in the new season. Trobeski urgently needs to reinvigorate their career, and Falls is expected to have access to the opportunity to become the team’s four-point guard.

& gt; & gt; New England Patriots this week at 17:16 tough winning New York jet, so the patriot ensures that the first round of the playoffs is qualified, and the last round of the game will determine the patriot. Can I get the US american seed.

Vikings player development director, told the Minnesota police, Griffin performed exceptionally over the past few weeks, the team has informed him, are not allowed to rejoin before receiving mental health assessment.

For 38-year-old Whitworth, I saw that Galley had to leave the team to make him sad after making a huge contribution to the team. Although the Whitworth is almost 13 years old, the former is only missed a game in the past three seasons, and the latter is extremely affected by injuries.

“This is uncomfortable, seeing such a thing is uncomfortable,” Whitworth said. “I played such a long time in this alliance. I have done a teammates with players cheap nfl jerseys from china all over the world. I saw that they succeeded and then saw such things. He is one of your teammates, you lost A teammate against you. “

Left disappearance, Terron Armstead, said: “Honor said that I am very surprised, seeing him on the court, his first two steps are full of explosive power, this is the strongest humanity, It is incredible, I am looking forward to the performance of him to put on the field. “

“I mean, simply, the current week will not determine the first four-point guard,” said Monday Monday. “So I am sorry if I causing confused. But I will not wait until the week or weekend announced. This is unfair for our team, and it is not fair for two quarters.”

Thai-Coleman and Ito Smith will share the mission of the mushroom. In addition to Fremman, there are several starting members have been in the injury reserve list: Safety Weaka – Ricardo Allen, Line Dion Jones, Made Ayi-Lai Andy Levitre and Safety Weikunu – KEANU NEAL.

Fritman next to the next game is about to be absent. According to the FOX Sports Reporter Jay Glazer, the Falcon will add Fritman to the injury reserve list. The current foot is in the current foot, and the three games were absent this season. In the time of the game, Freman scored 14 times, advanced 68 yards, and completed 5 batches, advanced 23 yards.

Falcon runs 卫 Effreman will be added to the injury reserve list

Beijing October 17, US Time Monday, Falcon, Dan Quinn, said that the devonta freeman is likely to be able to participate in the seventh week of the giant game.

The main coach of the New Orleans Saint-Sean Peyton received an interview after the team voluntary training camp: “He is the kind of player you have to admit that it is a genius, not just his skills, but also Some physical strength, as well as his training, I believe he is very expected to return to the court. “

The ram attack is cut off, Yetworth: I saw that Galley was cut off.

Attacking Patio Andrew Whitworth received a 3-year contract stayed in Los Angeles ram, but Todd Gurley, who had worked hard with him, was cut off by the team.

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