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Buffalo Local media reported that Bill coach Lex Ryan (Rex Ryan) was more preferred in Taylor and Kassel, which reported that Ryan had already wanted to coach Taylor for a long time and before the new York jet I hope the team gets Taylor. Ryan said Tales is the fastest quarter-free NFL speed. He believes that Taylor can change the game with speed.

2016 celestial players:

Quartz Favre, Line Wi-Wen-Greene, Exterior Hand Marvin Harrison, offensive front line player Orlando Paceo Pace, coach Tom – Tony Dungy, Siwei Ken-Stabler, offensive front line player Dick Stanfel, Team Boss Eddie Debato (Eddie Debartolo)

The winner of the major awards of NFL this season announced

When there is still less than 24 hours, it will usher in the 50th super bowl, the NFL award ceremony announced the most important award winners this season:

In 2007, NFL Europe after the end of the season renamed NFL Europa. In the same year, NFL International Series open, the New York Giants vs Miami Dolphins game was held in London at Wembley Stadium. In addition, the original plan before the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, held a “China Bowl” game in the Beijing Olympic Games, this will be the first time for China to NFL games, but finally canceled.

Sunday may be the last in the Auckland competition

The home fans of Auckland raids have always been unparalleled in the game day, and this kind of feelings will be deeper on this Sunday, because the team has not contained in the future of Auckland, Sunday Buffalo Bill has to say that it is possible that the raid is in the last game in Auckland.

But perhaps Lian is willing to take such a risk, in theory, Bill needs to rely on their defensive group and the squid attack, Taylor is the best helping to help this. If Taylor becomes a starter at the beginning, Kasale is not surprised.

Pirates will face a schedule for 7 weeks without home competition, including 2 guest west coast teams and 1 London. From the fourth week, they have been connected to Los Angeles Lightning, New Orleans Saint, Carolina Black Leopard (London), Telome, Tennesi Titan and Seattle Hawks.

But Taylor has never proven that he is a NFL level. In the limited time for Fraco substitute, his pass success rate is 54.3%, and he did not get a pass to reach, there were 2 passes Copy. Cassell and another Bill quadruple EJ-Mantund is better than Taylor. Bill’s first week, it will take a lot of risks that have not proved their own quadrant.

The bear strokes the old will play the ball, Jay – Ferry

The main player of the Chicago Bear team was affected by the four-headed creature, this week, this week is likely to be able to play. The team announced on Wednesday, cheap Jerseys from china the free player market, the team signed the old player Jay – Ferry (Fely) as a supplement.

In 2005, the Hamburg Sea Devils joined NFL Europe. In the same year, Mexico City’s Aztec Stadium held an NFL regular season, this is the first fight outside the United States NFL regular season, against both the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers, then by the 103,467 spectators squeezed into the whole stadium, a record for the largest audience in the history of the regular season single game. In the same year, the last session of the American Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Indianapolis Colts won the Tokyo Bowl in Japan.

In 1999, the Berlin Thunder team to join NFL Europe. Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers team played a preseason game in Sydney, when the Lightning team punt hand Darren Bennett is a Sydney man. In the same year, Sydney was held in the southern hemisphere first Pro Bowl game.

Exposure Bill 4-point Wei Taylor is more favored by the coach

Buffalo has introduced two new quarters in this year, and they traded Matt Cassel and signed Tyrod Taylor. Most people think that Kastel iron is starting, Taylor came to the team, was served. But reality may not be the case.

Previously, NFL was responsible for broadcasting plans and schedules, Mike North, said that if there is an opportunity, he would want to rearrange the pirate schedule when interviewing the radio program.

A large reason why the pirates to leave the home for so long lies in that the London is actually counted as their home game. According to the inner people, the pirate has received a condition for the main right of the Super Bowl of Super Bowl in the 2021 thing to give up a home to participate in the international competition.

In 2012, NFL Jacksonville Jaguars agreed commercial activities in the UK franchise team, which should be the first branch of the American League teams doing business in foreign countries, the Jaguars will play in the 2013 – 2016 years, fighting a year international series.

Ryan is the fastest quarter-off of Taylor’s speed. In all the actual four-point guard, the only 40-yard results in the body test camp were more than 4 seconds 51 fast quarter-free quadruptions in Robert Griffin III, and in the final stage of the rookie season After injury, Griffin looks so fast before him. At the time of Joe FLACCO, Taylor made a stunning performance while Taylor’s play ran ran, which made the crow let Taylor will win the center in the wild cat formation, which makes Fla The department is annoyed.

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