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In recent recently, the Falcon New General Manager Terry-Fang Na Not did not explicitly revealed how the team handed the four-guard position, and his statement showed that he would like to use the first round of draft selection. guard.

CSN Philadelphia reporter Jiiof-Mozuo After the injury discussed with the eagle, the injury discussed with the eagle, CHIP Kelly, provided further report: “Qilu commented that there is still no injury to Lenes Disease report, but & lsquo; looks not very good. & Rsquo; Lynes is our defensive leader, is our leader, when a warrior falls, you will pick up the shield will continue to fight for honor. “

Panthers coach Ron – Rivera (Ron Rivera) said in an interview with ESPN interview: “Luotulelei foot soreness feeling good news is that doctors Anderson is about to come over to check, so we just need a good Taking care of him on the line we will be very careful to treat this injury. “when interviewed by reporters whether Luotulelei I will injury absence for some time Luotulelei replied:.” I do not know. “

Falcon with Ryan and Jones has the ability to reverse the fate of the team within a year. If the defensive group has made great progress and the star players are kept healthy, the Falcon has excellent players to become a strong team.

Professional football interviews (PFT, Pro Football Talk) released the latest reports later: “According to the interior of the league, the old Eagle line Gathmako-Lynes tendo tears, not an ankle injury. But the team announced It is an ankle. “PFT reporter Mike Florio is reported that this congenital injury may directly end Llesus’s career.

In the six years, Arford was arrested 88 games for the Falcon, completed 303 hugs, 85 destroyed passes, 10 cases, forcing the ball, 2 defensive groups. With the outstanding play of 2016, he earned a thoughts of thoughts.

Lightning Rivers recovery well without surgery

The San Diego Flash Silver, Philip Rivers, told the local radio station yesterday, he would not use surgery to treat the intervertebral discs encountered in the last stage of the stage. “At present, my back injury is not in operation. We have been observing in a month, it is slowly getting better, I can run and do some simple training, this makes me very happy.”

Once the brightened team of the flash is bright green light, then the team can start with this 33-year-old quarter to talk about the future problem, because Rivers and the team will During the next season, he expired. As long as the Rivers’ body is no longer changing, it should not be a problem with the ideal renewal contract.

But the task of Fang Tainnot is to consider the future. Under ideal, the Falcon will never have the fourth shift of such a high selection right. This allows for the first time to serve as the general manager. He is a player who picks up a team that may immediately make up the team, or a quarter-saving that may not be played during the new season?

Luotulelei Panthers defensive front is an important part of the team has lost Kavan – Schulte (Kawann Short) This generals, can not afford more impairment, so the whole team are on the injury particularly concerned about the situation.

Old Hawk Internal Your Ankle Injury Restaurant Terrorism

Philadelphia Eagle Inner Wide Market Ryans) In Sunday, the ankle was injured in the fourth quarter of the Houston Texas Trilist, and the team then announced the right foot of the ankle in the official twice. The game is no longer available.

Panthers defensive anchor pulled out of training

Carolina Panthers defensive tackle main Costa – Luotulelei accidentally leg injuries in Monday’s training, then he was carried out of the health care workers off. Last season’s quarter 后赛洛图勒雷 had foot injuries, Www.kalopedia.Online and subsequently underwent offseason surgery to repair. According to the Charlotte Observer newspaper reported Luotulelei said his foot stress of discomfort, and will rebuild detected and evaluated in the next few weeks. Luotulelei after simple treatment at the scene wearing a protective boot away from the training ground.

Lynes tried to attack when the passenger of the people who copied the people. This old will turn off the Pazhou people’s four-point guards in the Red District, but when he followed the next attack, the Texas people took over Dandrew Hap DEANDRE HOPKINS retained the right. It seems to be hurt after his right ankle.

Robs and Corner Robert – Arford Signed for three years

According to the Wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the red tones have been signed with the Robert Alford to sign a three-year contract. The team officially confirmed this news.

Falcon New General Manager: Will always consider introducing new aid quarter

Matt Ryan is expected to be at least quarter-free in 2021, but his presence should not prevent the team from considering a possible successor.

Ryan is amazing this year’s amazing salary & mdash; & mdash; accounted for more than $ 40 million salary space & mdash; & mdash; let him definitely be a rebellion for the Falcon, until the redundant salary space he occupied next year will be accepted. Falcon will consider giving up him.

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