Wholesale Nfl Jerseys – Chill out, It is Play Time!

Wholesale Nfl Jerseys – Chill out, It is Play Time!

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This game, the cowboy offensive group continued the trend of the pair of horses last week (292 yards against the small horse), and the offense only advanced 232 yards. Fortunately, the defensive group played outstanding, forcing the pirate to turn twice, once in the defensive front line player, Randy Gregory picked up the ball to attack to the first 4 yards of the pirate end zone, and another by the line must be Yillen – Jaylon Smith picked up the ball to complete the 69 yards back to the attack. The defensive group also prevents a pirate offensive group to attack the first 7 yards of the denim end zone.

Jet signed Johnson last year, but Johnson did not show him 8000 yards in Titan’s 8000 yards in 2008-13, and assigned a play time with Chris Ivory and It is a child, whether it is a number of mushrooms (155), the number of mushrooms (663) or the number of batches (24) is the lowest career. The jet chooses not to implement Johnson’s contract, will be $ 3.5 million in the next season and reduce the impact of $ 5.25 million for wage.

Jet stop “radius” Johnson contract

Only the only 7 single season 2000 code, one of the “Light Speed” Chris Johnson, who has to look for the next East home for the second year. The jet is a total of $ 500,000 in the $ 500,000 bonus options, but activated the Jason Babin, a total of $ 2.5 million in Jason Babin, Calvin Pace. Bonus options.

Cowboy 4 points Dak Prescott 25 passed the 161 yards 1 time passed the ball reached the ball, Ezekiel Elliott 18 times the squad 85 yards. Pirates, Jameis Winston, 48 Biography 34 336 码 1 time with external hands Mike – Mike Evans connected to the pass to the ball, while 2 times the ball.

In the latest issue of injuries announced in the team, Ford and the top take over Alston Jeffery are listed as “doubt.” Both people participated in training on Friday, the team’s opponent this week will be St. Louis ram. Although Ford is borne 32% of the team’s 32% offensive code, Jeremy Langford proves that he has the ability to fill the vacancies left by Fordi. Langfurt 21 times touched, and the total promotion of 142 yards.

In addition to the game several times to complete a simple fast shot, six times to complete a long pass 4, 172 yards 2 touchdowns, found in particular Jeffrey touchdown thrown before the last section seq other end zone 40 yards from the side , demonstrated Falls terror arm strength and accuracy, the ball let the Vikings with a heavy heart 7 to 21 continue the game, called the killing of a ball game. Coupled with Jeffrey, Torre – Smith and Zach – Oetz frequently join in, let Fowles finished vulgarity offensive feast.

Ford’s knee is more serious than imagination

The knee injury of the Chicago Bear Runa-Ford Forte seems to be more serious than the team expected. On Friday, local media reported that Forti is a lack of knees, and he is the same as his injury encountered in the 2011 season.

The advantage of drug test is that Martin has achieved full recovery time, US Time Thursday, Martin said that “from negative to positive”, he personally said: “This treatment is worth it, I feel cheap nfl jerseys from China Negative to positive changes. “

Curry, Long and Graham were manufacturing eight times, seven times, and six times the pressure, the pressure is the only time the audience Barnett copy of that ball sack, plus six times inside the core Cox pressure, but also a rewarding experience you pass the red group match.

The head coach John Fox said: “He has a double threat, can catch the ball, and he can also do the ball in the forward route. He is full of explosive power, we can also short code The number advances are given to him. I think he has experienced an excellent night. “

His absence is also the cause of the Wiki’s lattice. Recently, the team’s head coach Mike Qi Mike Zimmer said Piteson’s return has been included in the team timetable, and Pitters returns to the training this week. His personal goal is to play the Green Bay on December 24th. packing worker.

& Mdash; & mdash; the first section of the middle – Chris Long with speed bypass Laxiao De – Hill, right palm photographed Ji Namu right chest, causing the ball is short, is Patrick – Robinson steals back offensive touchdowns, to tie the game.

& Mdash; & mdash; + the end of the first section of the beginning of sub-section manufactured by Viking raids and collective pressure on two consecutive third gear conversion failed.

& Mdash; & mdash; the second section of the middle of the Vikings pushed into the red zone near the Hawks, have the opportunity to tie the score with a touchdown, the Vikings left tackle to protect originally assistance left guard against front Fletcher – Cox, two No tight end David – Morgan stay in the pocket and stop the weak side of the red setter Barnett, Barnett can be explosive too, will stride across a Morgan, copied ball sack, and Chris – Long regain off the ball, so the Vikings threatens to chase into 14 levels, but the final 7 to 24 backward into halftime.

& Mdash; & mdash; the last section almost sack Ji Namu again, let it pass misalignment third gear failure, creating free kick hit the Hawks before the end of the second section.

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