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Essential Cheap Nfl Jerseys Smartphone Apps

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Old eagle take over Alqui-Jeffrey ankle injured

Although it is unattended on Wednesday, the outer handle, Alston Jeffery, appeared in the injury report of the eagle on Thursday. He was restricted to participate in training due to an ankle injury.

nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Libott said that he was told to Galt on Thursday “Good”. The coach-Jackson and the defensive coordinator Greg Williams have listened to the injury of Gret to continue to the training camp. Galert is now six weeks to ensure complete recovery before the training camp begins.

After Tom Braddy, send text messages to the Chief Safety Wei Ma Qiu apologize

After the Super Bowl, the pirates were sent to the chief security Wei Tyran – Matthew Tyrann Mathieu, apologized to the number of candles on the field.

Henes only went 10 games last season, completed 39 battles, and promoted 484 yards. However, he advanced 1031 yards in 2015, and the performance of 10 reachaes still can’t be ignored. It is worth mentioning that the year BESrexia is abrupt in the outer array (62%). When healthy, the ability of the Herners running the route is very powerful.

In the case of the news of the break, the update of the left foot of the Grett will be one of the news that is worth paying attention to the next few weeks. But until we hear other news, he was just wearing protection boots.

We will not do a big problem. Protective boots may be completely Galt to take care of the previously hurt left foot & mdash; & mdash; he has encountered a high ankle sprain at the last season of the university.

If Detz Bryant finally left, Hels will be a good reinforcement choice. Cowboys existing external hand Türsi-Williams, Cole Beasley, is not necessarily better than Hels, and Bisley’s contract has come to last One year. According to data according to NFL official network, Herns served as a tank in 58% of the offensive frame last season, and Bisley’s competitive pressure is not small.

Marshall can accept challenges if you want to get your heart number

Brandon Marshall hopes to continue to hold your own favorite 15th after being traded to New York jet, but the owner of the team’s No. 15 is the owner & mdash; & mdash; replacement – Haalim Hakim is not willing to transfer its white. Wednesday night Harkim issued a challenge to Marshal through his own map, Cheap Nfl jerseys from China saying that I have to get a challenge to get 15.

However, Sochief Subhim will delete this speech. This is no longer Marshall first encounters “online challenges”. Last season he took the initiative and a lion fan who ridicule the bear team in the twice, but the last didn’t.

Harkim wrote in the challenge: “Brandon Marshall wants to take my number, I put it here, if he can win me in the 40-yard racing, then this number will return him; if Can’t win, then he has to send me for 20,000 US dollars, of course, I will give him a number. “

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