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This year, Vuitton 33 times in 33 passes, the success rate is as high as 87.9%, but most of his pass is close to, only 2 times more than 15 yards pass, the current average passed distance is only 4.8 code.

“A large number of patriot fans are sitting behind us, we often hear their huge cheers, this is not a common situation in the road.” Bilchik said when accepting the Boston Globe, “It feels like it is Like the university league game held in the neutral venue, the fans of the two teams occupy the side of the venue. “

Billiki: It feels like a neutral venue game

Usually a guest’s team will always face difficulties such as the crazy fans, but the patriot of Sunday and Night Tour is an exception. Quite a lot of patriots fans came to the lightning home Qualcommball field to refuel the team. In this regard, the Patriot coach Bill Bill Beliichick said thank you.

The ram has also caused two ball translations, compared to the second line of Jay Ramse, and the promotion of this contribution. Although Ramsse did not start the game, he was indeed guarded against Julio Jones.

At present, the red tones will not close the gate to Washington, and the team still looks forward to him to return to the game. In June last year, Carson Palmer said that players will always open their arms to welcome Washington’s regression. When asked if Washington was asked, Arreon said that he would not set any hindrance to him. However, even if Washington’s banned combo is revoked, he will still face additional punishments related to domestic violence.

The US time Sundate will face the Saint New Orleans, the defensive quality of the Saint of this year is far less than, especially the close-end defense is the second poor in the league. Obviously it is a good opportunity for Vuitton.

After the TB12 trademark has been applied for the TB12 trademark, Braddy has applied for TB X TB trademark. The application is issued on March 20th, which is officially signed in Braddy and Tampawan piratory.

In the future of the Asked Washington, the Luce Aria Bruce-Aria was very impatient: “Before he returned, it was a waste of time.” A year ago, the red scitch for Washington The violation showed a strong attitude and expressed support for alliances to severely punish the illegal players.

Rely on its own hard technology and the second line of Texas, Xiao Ma 4th, Jacobi BRISETT) 39 passes of the game 26 times, advance 326 yards, 4 times of passing Helping the Pony to win the name of the United States. External hand Zach Pascal completed 6 battles, pushed 106 yards, reached 2 times. The famous Texas people gratiate T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) completed 6 battles, pushed 74 yards, reached once.

3 migration transformations from the Passing of Andy Dalton were copied. YANK NGAKOUE, completes a copy of the Dalnie Harrison, which is secure, and Ronnie Harrison. Harrison also got a drop, forcing the fall against the gorvant D. J. Hayden (D. J. Hayden).

Kittel can get this contract not only due to his battles. He is still an excellent open player. Last season, his mushroom opening score ranked third in all near-ends. He appeared on the court to make the opponent’s defensive group change strategy focused on him, thereby reducing the defense against pavement attack. Last season, in the two games he absent, 49 people had an average of 2.63 yards per shock, and the average scorpion pushed 60.5 yards and failed to get up. When he came out, the team had averaged 4.83 yards per time, and the average scorpion pushed 156 yards, a total of 23 times a total of 23 times.

According to cheap Nfl Jerseys From china TV reporter Ian Rapoport, George Kittle has agreed to sign a 5 year of 5 years with 49 people. Dollar renewal contract. The specific terms of the contract are still in agreed. Kitel can get 30 million US dollars to guarantee income when signing up, including $ 18 million signature bonuses. The total guarantee revenue reached 40 million US dollars.

The red area of ​​the offensive group is worrying, and the four redestrooms in the four red areas ended by Josh Lambo, and the remaining is Leonard Fournette (LONARD FOURNETTE) Strong failed. The four points of Gardner MinShew 32 passed 15 times, advance 255 yards. Tiger is relying on the Dalton Dalton Daltton of junk time to make the final score look good. The defensive group is good in the first three sections, but the fourth quarter still needs to be strengthened.

Previously, Cleveland Brown signed a $ 52.5 million contract in Austin HOOPER in the past this year’s offers. This makes Hu Po a maximum salary. Now, Kittel’s new contract establishes a new benchmark in the near-end market.

Arreon: Discuss whether Washington will return unexpected

A year ago, Arizona Red Tiwang Dali-Washington was punished for a punishment of at least 1 year due to a violation of the Alliance Related Drug Regulations. Washington’s brokers believed this professional bowls of the 2012 season will be announced in the near future, but the alliance has not given any expressions on the relevant matters.

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