3 Easy Steps To More Wholesale Jerseys Sales

3 Easy Steps To More Wholesale Jerseys Sales

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He took 10.5 times to the Robert Quinn, Robert Quinn, and Robert Quinn, and only 3.5 times before the season, but the last four games were mad 7 times, but consider The opponent of the last four games was killed 10 in the league.

Giants Pierre Paul: Continue to stick to the price is not discounted

New York Giants Defensive Dragon Body Sensen Pierre-Paul obviously values ​​compensation. At the age of 26, this season was about to expire. He was asked if he would consider pay discounts when he will continue to negotiate with the old East, and his answered is: “This is a business behavior, which will affect my family.”

Most of the questions that Linqi answer have nothing to do, the way answers the problem is still a “Linqi” that people are familiar with. Lin Qi believes that it is just 5 minutes here, and the alliance will have no reason to punish him. At the same time, almost all reporters want to ask Lynch to Lynch within a limited time. Therefore, in the 5 minutes of Lynch, his position may be the most lively. In any case, Lynch finally attended the media day, many reporters finally got the opportunity to talk to him.

And his race this season is very good, his 46 independently smashed the entire 4-3 defensive end of the league. In many ways and the Chicago Bear’s defensive end Lamarr Houston in 2013, the performance of the Auckland raid team is consistent, and he has signed a $ 35 million in 5 years this season, of which $ 35 million in 5 years this season. The guarantee is 15 million.

The crow boss denies the pressure to maintain the “venting door” punishment

Baltimo Crow Board Steve – Steve Bisciotti has issued a declaration to deny that it is maintained to the NFL President Roger Gudel (Roger Goodell) to maintain the four-point guardian Tom-Brea Tom Brady reported four-game penalty report.

Johnson believes that he and Evre have completed their work well, but from the data, the difference between the two people is not small. The Avre’s average code is 5.7, while Johnson is only 3.5. During the attack, although Johnson Biveri became a target, the number of results was 32 yards. Maybe Johnson said halfway, the team did need to give more ball to the running guard, not the Geno Smith, which is always under pressure. But the correct method of handling should be more opportunities to Evre, rather than heavy use of Johnson.

Front teammate: Pierre Paul is in the best time

Former New York Giants, Justin Tuck has been concerned about the contract of old teammates since Jason Pierre-Paul, but it seems that he seems to be with others. The contract will be completed.

“I have never clustered to the president or any representative NFL office is called & lsquo; the person who is in the event of the incident & rsquo;” Declaration of the team in the team is in the team. Express. “It is wrong about the news about me to Roger.”

Tak told reporters: “He realized his mistake in the first time. Now he is very good. He immediately ushered in his best year, I think he will succeed, as long as he is used to new rhythm, you can’t I can’t see any reason to stop him from moving in this year. “

Healthy Pierll Paul completed 16.5 times in the 2011 season, 12.5 times completed last year, he has no doubt about the pressure on the opposite dividend. And the giant also needs him to behave like this.

Lynch participates in the media day: Participation is just click the up coming site not being fined

In the media day before the start of the superb bowl start, the Seattle Hawks ran to Marshawn Lynch and did not accept any interviews. This year, the situation is different, and Linch has participated in the activities of the media day according to the regulations. Although Lynch is still very unfortunate, at least this time, he is coming.

The highest-Pierir Paul’s career is 16.5 times, he wants to try the water free market to seek a big contract. The value of the defensive ends may not be as big, last year Tampawan pirates signed the 5-year contract of Michael Johnson, 43.75 million US dollars.

In the past four years, NFL has been held at different locations, and this year’s draft is held in Dallas. Last year was in Philadelphia, in 2015 and 2016 were in Chicago. Other cities are also intended to bid to hold a 2019 draft, including Las Vegas and Denver.

The NFL team boss apprled the application of Tenna West Titan in Nashville at the Spring Spring Festival. The 84th cheap nfl jerseys from china draft will be held on April 25 to 27, 2019, and the location will involve multiple landmark buildings in Nashville.

Lin Qi said: “I am the only reason I am here, I don’t want to be fined.” Lin Qi took a total of 5 minutes on his interview seat, and he had answered 29 questions in a row. Five minutes, Lin Qi immediately got up the “time has arrived, interview end”.

Chris Johnson hopes that the team increases ground attack

Recently, many New York jet fans appealed that the team should reduce the number of buses running to Kris Johnson, and let Chris Ivory participate in more attacks. In this regard, Johnson certainly holds different perspectives. When this week was interviewed, Johnson said to the reporter: “There is no doubt that we all hope that the team can use the ground attack. Team should be 35 to 40 times a game, let us have more opportunities to hold the ball. We all need more opportunities to touch the ball, and a game is only 10 times or 12 times. Many times, our tactical choices are related to the war, but we always force our own difficulties, This is not good. “

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