wear MLB jersey to Runing Review

wear MLB jersey to Runing Review

- in cheap ncaa jersey

Test scenario: 20 miles, 6:40/mi avg pace, 75 degrees & muggy afternoon run. Lots and lots of sweat.

This shirt is 100% polyester. It is very soft and has a little bit of flexibility but is not overly stretchy like some shirts. It is a slim fit such that a size M looks good on this 150 lb 6′ frame. It is not skin-tight. When first putting it on, what immediately stood out to me was how light it was. The material is very thin, so thin that I expected it to be partially transparent, but this one is not (the neon green color). It feels good to wear because of its lightness and softness.

During my run, cheap Mavericks jerseys it wicked away sweat well. The shirt does absorb a little bit of sweat but it never felt like a soaking towel against my body like some shirts — just damp. And it stayed light, even when wet. When I got home and tried to wring it out, only a few drops came out — when I do that with some of my other running shirts, it’s like dumping out a cup of water.

With my mileage, I’ve had an issue with nipple chafing, but this shirt didn’t aggravate that issue.

For a shirt of this quality from Nike, I would expect to pay $30-40. As a matter of fact, I have similar shirts from Nike, and that is what I paid for them. In other words, this is a steal and I’m happy with this purchase so far. If it survives a few wash cycles without falling apart, I’ll buy some more.

Note: On the care instructions tag, it says not to put it in the dryer. I’m not sure why, and I’ve never seen that in a running shirt before. It is kind of inconvenient, so I thought it might be important to mention.

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