Nice Shirts that fit me perfectly!

Nice Shirts that fit me perfectly!

- in cheap ncaa jersey

This is an initial review based on trying the shirts on and inspecting quality. After a few weeks of use at the gym and repeated washings, youth basketball uniforms I will update if there is any pertinent information to report.

The shirts appear to be quality construction, comfortable and fit well. I am 6’2″/235lbs and ordered the XL. The shirts are a little longer than most of my other jersey, such as my MLB jersey. These shirts come down to the top of the pubic bone, whereas, most of my other T’s are about half way between the top of the pubic bone and belt. So maybe a couple inches longer than my other T’s. I am actually OK with the extra length for exercising because it covers well when you are doing squats, dead lifts, etc. If you prefer to tuck these in, then they should stay tucked with the extra length.

A note about the fabric and related tagging on the shirts. I ordered a cardinal colored shirt and a heather (grayish) colored shirt. They are both taggless in the neck. The cardinal had a tag sewn into the torso of the shirt which showed 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The heather did not have a tag in the torso of the shirt, but did have 60% cotton and 40% polyester printed in the taggless neck. From my research and experience with my 2 shirts, there may be some variation in the way the info is presented, but all of these shirts should be 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

The finish on the shirt is very matte, no sheen or shine. The shirt has some structure of its own so it is not clinging. The shirt does not use your body to give it structure. The overall appearance when wearing the shirt is neat and simple due to the matte surface. Matched my other navy clothing and jeans with the same tone of navy. Washing cold and drying medium the shirt did not shrink at all for me. The material is thinner than other work shirts, but its structure and material make it better for bigger guys. Shirt is very cooling due to the thinness of the material. I bought two more once I tried the first order. – UPDATE. Have purchased another shirt so I had enough. Still very satisfied with this item.

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