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Giants defensive end Feng Yong did not participate in Thursday training

The giant defensive end Olivier Vernon has been absent from the ankle. He participated in the training of giants on Wednesday, which made people returning some hopes to his return.

This gives those teams that require four-point guard, such as Denver wild horses and New York jets, send signals & mdash; & mdash; this may drive them to know that they will have the opportunity to complete the transaction before they pick up players. The wild horse has said that they are willing to serve Mark Sanchez and let Trevor Siemian participate in competition. The jets are still taking the contract with the first four-point guard with last year, and it seems that there is no sign of negotiations.

After a 10-year-old code of the new height of your personal career through the mushroom and the ball, Bush was only 297 yards. His teammate Qiao Yike – Bell (Joique Bell) bear most of the responsibility rushed the ball, but Theo – Riddick (Theo Riddick) is often replaced by Bush as the ball-type running back.

Two-person familiar with the ESPN 49 people did not use their seventh time to pick up the four-point guard, which made the position between the 6th to 10th and 10th into a position that is an interested position. . 49 people may be the first team that has the opportunity to choose the four-point guards of Memphis, who is widely considered to be in Jared Goff and card. Sen – Wenz Wentz is first picked four-point guard. Capenik’s unhappy emotions and wishes to play in other teams may make the team’s new coach – Kelly to find new aids in the free player market to serve as his quarterfield.

Perhaps this will not be a last fines of Lynch, and the alliance has plans to fined his “obvious excessive behavior” will exceed $ 50,000. This is also born in a series of events after Lynch and the media communication.

Although the data for each shock into 3.9 yards is the lowest since 2008, the competition video shows his speed, explosive power, and change ability have returned in the mid-December mid-December. Unlike other old running guards like Morice Jones-Drews and Steven Jackson, Bush can still help a creative coach to use their own Speed, agile, and multi-faced hand.

Bryant’s third week of the game, the knee suffered a 2 weeks after the bone cracking. The good news is that the seventh week is the wheel of cowboy, and Wholesale jerseys Bryant will have enough time to make recovery adjustments.

According to ESPN reporter’s face book, according to the Alliance News Seattle Hawks’ running Downtown is a fine of $ 20,000, because he did a 24-yard running ball to do a girl’s posture to celebrate. At that time, it also laid the reversal of the Hawk.

The 29-year-old Bush will reach $ 3.25 million next season, and he has performed poorly in the 2014 season because of being trapped in ankle injury. This layoff means that he is not willing to accept the salary to stay in the lion.

Gordon failed to pass the drug inspection again in March, which led the alliance to reject the application for the resumption of the appearance and latency his possible regression to the Brand to start training camp. He was banned due to violation of NFL drug abuse in February last year.

49 General Manager: Do not rule out this week trading Cape Nick

On the day before the draft, Trent Baalke, General Manager Trent Baalke, did not exclude the possibility of trading quartz Kaepernick, and he also said that the team has not discussed internally. Four points Saxum Bradford with Philadelphia Eagle trading.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that NFL President Roger, Roger Goodell, to discuss him from Gordon, and discussed his return to the court. Lat Portote also said that God’s decision will not be made soon, Gordon is until August 1 to re-apply for the resumption of appearance.

If Cape Nick is finally launched in 49 people and in Kelly, it is suitable for the quick four-point offensive system, which will not be unexpected. But most people who feel that reasonably may not always happen, which is why 49 people still have not fully excluded transactions.

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