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According to reports, the jet currently has millions of salary spaces. They urgently need a corner, so they will strive to win Retis, Rewick is selected by the jet in 2007, and then becomes in the jet The top corner guard of the league, then traded to Tampawan pirate in 2013, and then traded to the patriot, and won his first super bowl.

Texas defensive end J.J. Watt: The body has reached the best in the years

The epidemic still is still full of unknown factors, but Houston Texas Star defensive end J. J. Watt has found a factor that makes you feel optimistic in the past few months.

After reeving Jones, the raid will take a salary space of about $ 3.5 million. He is the highest extension of the team. For this old man, he will not stay in the free market for a long time, the performance of last season proves that he is still a good player who can contribute to the team.

Rewick will choose in patriots and jets

Darrelle Revis will become the most expensive corner of the market in the future. The previous New England Patriot refused his renewal requirements for his $ 20 million, but this does not mean that he is impossible. Go back to the patriot, according to Rewick, he will make choice between the Patriot and New York jet.

The raid person announced that the trust of James Jones Jones

Auckland raids announced that James Jones was declared. James Jones. The former Green Bay packaging is just after Auckland, it has to try to find new east again after the Auckland.

“There is no change. If his contract issues this season did not solve it, we did not report to the team,” the agent Alvin Keels “said to ESPN. “The team and I have been in contact, but we haven’t reached any consensus.”

The transaction rumor dates back to the first month of the 2019 season, after the fifth week, after the Chicago bears, he was fined $ 200,000 due to no reason, and the team meeting was fined 200,000 US dollars. At that time, Dedg said that he did not expressed the transaction request, but he said that he said that “all rumors will have truth” for the rumor of the team offensive group. Recently, he posted some mysterious essays in social media and deleted some Instagram photos. This further triggered speculation.

The dismissal of this professional bowl security is close to the third week. Qifusler signed a 4-year $ 28 million contract before the 2013 season, and the current contract has been 16.88 million US dollars left. After the 2015 season, he will have no guarantee income, and his basic salary is $ 4.55 million this season.

Moreno was injured in the second week, then absent the team all the team. This week, he participated in all the training of every day, but he himself said that he must wear an elbow to make him feel very uncomfortable. When asked for the most uncomfortable, Moreno said: “All!”

“No matter what rumors or what you are talking about, there is no reason to think Steve Digs will not take advantage of the Minnesota Weijing. When you have some of our excellent offensive players, there is also (Adam -) ADAM THILEN partner, there is Rudy (Kyle Rudolph) and Eff Smith, there is a Dalvin Cook and (Alexander -) Matterson ( Alexander Mattison, we have built a quite excellent support lineup for our quarter guard. “

When being asked, Dides expressed a wishes of a team or traded, Spirim said that Spoilman said that it has not been contacted with Digs’ brokers. Viking will meet during the comprehensive investigation camp and most of the brokers.

This season’s dolphins achieved 2 wins and 2 losses, and the winning rate came to 50%. The team can be rushed 142.3 yards, and the League is ranked fifth. The team will continue to use Lamar Miller as a hair, his average code reaches 5.7 yards. After Molano injury, it will provide huge support for the depth of the dolphins. This week’s opponent package work, temporarily the league in the ground, the field is lost 163 yards on the road. Dolphins is expected to make this for breakthrough challenges.

Last season, Jones became 112 passed the goal of 112 times, and completed 73 battles, it was the team’s stable ball goal. However, the number of codes and the number of times the number of times has also made Jones eventually waited for the team. The main reason for the 31-year-old Jones is from the team, lies in the continuous reinforcement of the raid to the external connections. The team first signed Michael Crabtree Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China the free market, and then selected Amari Cooper in the draft.

The team can be a fine of a fine of $ 30,000 per missing a day. In addition, Qifusler’s dismissal has reached the Haiye to recover its quarter of the $ 1 million signature bonus share in 2015. But it should be noted whether it is fined depends on the team. For example, the team running Wannch, Marshawn Lynch, has not been punished after the end of the summer last year.

“I can pay attention to my nutrition every day. I will calculate my own calories in detail. I basically start from the rest period to completely change my body, from the perspective of training, this is really the most I experienced. One of the fun days, I am very satisfied. “

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