3 Ridiculous Rules About Nfl Jerseys

3 Ridiculous Rules About Nfl Jerseys

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Squash, Mason-Cole looks forward to return to the first lineup

During the rookie season, due to A.Q. Shipley (A.Q. Shipley) knees crossed torn torn, the mason cole is replaced by him first competition.

He thinks so, because his contract is $ 9 million in 2 years, just to compete for this starting position, he said: “Obviously, the mode of last season is what we want, I have talked with Kelly, so this first It is important for me. There is also a chance to have a chance, but I don’t want to change. There is another year of contracts, which is a completely different concept for quarter-off. “

Jim Caldwell, is still full of confidence in Pratt. He said: “Today’s wind affects the performance of the player. His 52 yards shot very well, we are very confident to him. “This season, the tumber of the lion has been kicked 10 free people, nearly 6 games 15 in 5. Last season, no team lost two-digit free kick at the end of the season. According to ESPN statistics, before the lion, only 1981 Cleveland Brown has missed 10 anyty-king opportunities in the first 6 games.

31-year-old Sidon for the Bears played in 26 games, starting 25 games, but last season due to an ankle injury affecting his ribs and could not devote stable performance. In Cody – White Haier (Cody Whitehair) may replace him as a left-care front and early this year the draft will be the case a lot of good players to choose from the offensive line, Sidon no longer needed Bears, especially considering that this You could save $ 7.9 million salary space.

Cole said: “When I have a background board, after the substitute, I am looking forward to the return of the racket to be a full-time. I also hope to play a wonderful year, I hope to be wonderful to the occupational bowl.”

“& hellip; & hellip; can have a year to be a substitute. In fact, it helps me, which makes me learn from the old man, from different perspectives. & hellip; & hellip; last year I have the biggest progress in technology and performance.”

According to recent reports about Romo, we can know that Romo is disappointed with the current Dallas’ performance, and retiring may be the best choice. If not, then it seems that Houston Texas will be his nice choice, if he insists on staying in Texas.

Although has been plagued by injuries, he has played the best team of Sidon might find the next home soon. His brilliant record make him any hope for the introduction of an outstanding team of veteran offensive line players who are attractive.

Pratt is not good, play the ball problem, troubled

Although the Detroum Lion, the Detroum Lion, a victim of Mingnesota, but a problem that runs through this season is still plaguing the lion: play the ball. Matt Prater is the third player who uses the lion in 6 games in this season, but he eventually only handed over 3 shots only lived once a unqualified answer.

Pratt This season was awarded the top of the Denver, which was subsequently sent by Denver. In this game, he missed the 44 yards and 50 yards of twice. This also makes the lions. 40-49 yards of the season, 7 times the shot of the season, and 20 teams in the league have no flexible. Although Pratt state is not good, it can be understood, but this greatly decline is still worried. Fortunately, the team and I have been optimistic about the future, and we will also look forward to whether he will return to 100% next week.

The team under Sanchez led last season has completed 4 wins and 4 losses. His passage success rate is as high as 64.1%, completed the transfer of 2418 yards and 14 reaches and 11 cases of copying, this is also his career Data. Perhaps this is also his source of confident.

Sanchez clearly believes that they can compete for the team’s starting

With the coach of the last week, the head of the Eagle, Chip Kelly, publicly announced the team’s four-point guards, and Cheap jerseys the first battle between the eagle is more intense.

Fitzgerad: I should be available this week.

In the past 7th competition, I only got a lot of flush offensive groups in the past 7, and the number one was taken out of the mouth. Larry FitzGerald believed that he can play.

If he can play, the defensive group of the worst of the Falcon will encounter a greater trouble. The Falcon Defensive Group has been promoted by the other party to the other party, and the average passed the 284.1 yards. Alliance bottom, and the opponent’s three-speed attack conversion rate of 47% is ranked third.

Although Fitzgerald is absents this week’s team training, only by the team as the play doubt (Questionable, the possibility of playing may be 50%), but he confident can be in the game on the fight against the falcon, “I should be able Playing, but it depends on the decision of the team doctor and coach. ” The bruce arians said that if the inside of the knee joint, Fitzgerald can be played before the competition.

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