Wondering How you can Make Your Wholesale Jerseys Rock? Learn This!

Wondering How you can Make Your Wholesale Jerseys Rock? Learn This!

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Wild horse take-off record interruption: Important is to win the ball

For Denver’s wild horse, Demaryius Thomas, this week may be somewhat regret, and a personal record is ended, but it can make him feel comfortable in 3 times. Before the game, Thomas had brought more than 100 yards for 7 consecutive games. The current record is Kelvin Johnson, a continuous 8 consecutive game in the 2012 season.

Dansbi has excellent manufacturing of ball power conversion capabilities, he completed two copy of the copy of the copy at last season, which is also his career twice to complete the single game twice. His anti-pass The coverage is still not reduced, but with the growth of age, he has become more and more obvious in the anti-running. In addition, Dans is obviously more suitable for 3-4 formations, and he needs to adapt to new roles under the 4-3 formation of the tiger. At present, Tigers are more adequate in the middle line of guards, so he should go to the outside, providing the team to the team during the ban on Vontaze Burfict.

When we watched Bolden game, we did see his passion, and he gradually became an excellent external connections, he completed 14 balls last season, and he was 94 games this season. 1128 Code created a new high career.

Last week, Cowboy won the wheel-free rest. This is a advantage of Romo, let his back get a sufficient rest. Then, Luo led the cowboy in London to overcome Jacksonville American parcels at 31 to 17, it seems that Romo is ready to lead the team to win 4 games.

Seattle Eagle’s External Hand-Baldwin said herself in the contest style of Smith, he said: “Many of my games have been sneaked from Smith, I just like the passion and enthusiasm of his game, you can say You just want to go to the game like him, he is fighting for every inch, this is what I want to be, so I try to imitate what I can imitate. “

“As a & lsquo; 12 people & rsquo;, I hope that NFL alliance can re-assess and develop media policies. This can give each player equally, fair right to give those players who are annoying, afraid of media.”

Lynch has been fined $ 100,000 because of an absence of an interview. Since then, he chooses to use the most concise language to perfunctive things in an interview. The three kinds of answers he use recently: “Thank you for your questions”, “Thank you”, “You should do this every week.”

Cincinnati Meng Hu is compared with the old card

According to Nfl Jerseys official website, Ian Rapoport reported that Cincinnati signed a contract with line Wenda-Dansby (Karlos Dansby). Dansy was quited by Cleveland Brown in the beginning of this month, and after he had bluntly said that the tiger will definitely pursue himself. If it is not affected, the two sides have reached a consistency after half a month.

Now this is a good news for Viking people, but it may not be. In contrast, he will return to an extremely different team than a few months ago. The offensive front line of Viking people repaired the front line has not helped the team to run away from the number of worships since October 3.

“As a fan, I am tired of the boring, meaningless comments about Linqi and the media. In my opinion, the Alliance has committed a mistake on this issue. The alliance has been advocating against threats, opposing violence, but reality Yes, the Alliance has been forcing players to do something uncomfortable. Whether it is willing to accept interviews, this is a player’s own business, they have the right to choose on this issue. “

Just a few days ago, cheap jerseys from china Smith officially announced his retirement decision. When many people still discussed whether he was able to select a famous Hall, there was a similar experience similar to his play style to express his idea.

Sea Eagle Fans to Alliance Presses: Don’t force Lynch to accept interviews

A Seattle Hawk’s fan is petitioned this week, he hopes that the League can force the team to run the team’s Marshawn Lynch to accept complicated interviews. He published his petition on the relevant website. As of Wednesday, on Wednesday, this petition has been more than 32,000 signatures. Here are the details of the wish:

This game, the wild horse has done up to 35 ground offensive attempts. This figure also creates a new team in the team. Thomas completed 10 batches, won 87 yards, completed 2 5 yards and 15 yards of the ball to reach. For record interruptions, Thomas is unfortunate, but it is still very optimistic: “I want to win every game, this is my first goal. Now I don’t want to discuss the record, I only hope my own It is getting better and better. Everyone wants to have a record like this, but more importantly, the team can win the game. “

“In the eyes of the league, with the media cooperation, the requirements of the media are the obligation of the players and coaches, it should be reasonable. In fact, this is unreasonable, for this, to Linch, fined punishment. Unacceptable. Such rules must change, because this is unnecessary, cruel, even hypocritical. “

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