The largest Drawback Of Utilizing Wholesale Jerseys

The largest Drawback Of Utilizing Wholesale Jerseys

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Jerry Jones expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment of the referee

Dallas Cowboys were punished by 18 fouls in this week, cheap jerseys online and this figure also broke the number of fouls for fouls in the team. Of course, cheap nfl jerseys online this is not an active record. Although cowboy eventually wins the festival of the festival of 20-10, Jerry Jones remains dissatisfied with the judgment of the referee.

Jones said: “Today’s referee seems to redefine how to do block, as well as some other things, this has an impact on both sides. We will not change our play and techniques of us because of today’s penalty. I think this is very I ridicily. “” The whole game, the cowboy is blown by 9 different fouls, including 6 violations, and 3 lanterns.

Mackenzy Bernadeu (Mackenzy Bernade) played by Ronald Leary was penalized for 3 fouls; only a foul on the last season had a foul Zack Martin was blown. Penalty 2 times; the offensive front line is at least once, and the whole stroke is penalized 10 fouls. Jones said: “I repeat again, cheap jerseys online I think we need to confirm what is to pull people, not to correct the player, but the alliance forced us. Today, nfl jerseys is the number of fouls have created a league record?”

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