The Important Distinction Between Cheap Jerseys and Google

The Important Distinction Between Cheap Jerseys and Google

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The second week of Guo Union, the best players announced

Arizona Red Shot outside the Larry Fitzgerald, re-introduced himself in the game game, he completed a great performance in the game against Chicago Bear, 8 Sub-ball acquisition 112 yards 3 times, before, many people think that 32 years old can no longer have this performance. And such performance allowed him to get the best offensive player in the second week.

But Fitzgelad shows that he has a recovery after the trough. Such transformations will not be easy, and cheap nfl jerseys rate Fitzgerad needs to find a way to pull out of various defensive players on different engraves. But if you mean what to play, the entire alliance is best noted.

The second week of the best defensive players: Dallas denim line Shuen-Li (Sean Lee), in the key national battle of the Warship Female Eagle, Li won 14 times, 2 times destroyed the ball and at this part The residential area completed 1 copy of the copy, helping the cowboy to make the eagle offensive group.

The second week of Guohuan Best Team Player: Arizona Tita Ball / Abandon Kicks Entangle David – Johnson (David Johnson): Johnson completed 1 108 yards in the game of the bear. He also had a 13-yard shock of a 13-code ball in the game.

The second week of the best offensive players: Pittsburgh Steelman 4-dimensional-Roethlisberger: Rooseberg has been close to the perfect 155.8 four-point guards in the rule of 49 people in San Francisco. His 3-year-old and www cheapjerseys 369 yards have ruined a good momentum of 49 people.

The second week of the United States, the best defensive player: New York Jet Racle Gas Rielle Revis, Rewis proves that in the new coach Tude – Podd Bowles, the defensive group of the jet jet is not easy Overcome it. In the game against the Indianapolis, he grabbed twice twice, copied twice, and won the 4 times.

The second week of the United States Best Secret Service Group Players: Cleveland Brown kick / abandoned TRVIS BENJAMIN, can see Benjamin in the game game, his excellent performance and even let him It is included in the scope of the weekly offensive player. In the victory in Brown, he got 115 yards for 2 times, and there were 6 discards to get 154 yards, including 1 78 yards back to the attack.

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