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[Events] review the last minute to determine the winner, Lightning 29-28 two-point conversion lore Emirates

Week 15 Thursday night game between the two teams West Coast swing, the host Emirates has been locked up a playoff spot, while their opponents lightning also still have a chance Deus Ex. Back in time to the first week, the first time this season the two teams clash at the Emirates ended 38-28 win, quarterback Patrick – Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) completed four passing touchdowns, no steals. Wide receiver Tyreke – Hill (Tyreek Hill) ball forward 169 yards, two touchdowns. Lightning quarterback Philip – Rivers (Phillip Rivers) that game also performed well, advancing 424 yards passing, three touchdowns, steals once.

Currently only two teams score wins a difference, so this game is very crucial to lightning. Even if did not win, lightning is still wild card competition to maintain a considerable advantage (fifth seed).


Chiefs running back Spencer – Nashville (Spencer Ware), offensive guard front Cameron – Irwin (Cameron Erving) played doubt, wide receiver Sammy – Watkins (Sammy Watkins) to confirm the absence of competition.

Lightning running back Austin – Yi Kele (Austin Ekeler) and Melvin – Gordon (Melvin Gordon) will miss the game. That means rookie Justin – Jackson (Justin Jackson) will be as a starter.

Summary scores (live update):





















Player of data:





Philip – Rivers 26-38,313 yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 steals

Patrick – Macho James 24-34, 243 yards, 2 touchdowns

Red ball

Justin – Jackson red ball 16, 58 yards, 1 touchdown

Damien – Williams red ball 10, 49 yards, 2 touchdowns


Mike – Williams ball 7, 76 yards, 2 touchdowns

Damien – Williams ball 5, 74 yards


Progress scores:

Lightning guess coin win, they choose to attack. Return man Desmond – gold (Desmond King) back to 20 yard line of attack. But the Chiefs defense group soon take over the game, Steven – Nelson (Steven Nelson) steals Philip – Rivers (Phillip Rivers) pass, get the ball right back to the chiefs hands.

In Damien – Williams (Damien Williams) advancing 22 yards rushing, Macho James to complete a key 3 file transfer, led the team all the way lightning immediate concern the red zone.

Followed by lightning security guard Adrian – the case of pressure Phillips (Adrian Phillips), and wide receiver Demarcus – Robinson (Demarcus Robinson) completed five-yard touchdown connection, Chiefs scored the first. Harrison – Barker (Harrison Butker) followed by additional points firmly hit shot, lightning Emirates 7-0.

Lightning offensive team returned to the court, Rivers connection veteran Antonio – Gates (Antonio Gates) completed a wonderful 22 yards forward, came to the Chiefs halftime. But then lightning could not get the first attack, can only choose to punt.

Damien – Williams contributed several wonderful red ball to help the team advance, the Macho and running back Darrell Williams – Williams (Darrel Williams) completed 11 yards touchdown connection, to further expand the score advantage .

Damien – Williams advancing 32 yards:

Darrell – William Starr array:

Section less than a minute left in the game, lightning ushered in a major advance yardage: Rivers found wide receiver – Mike Williams (Mike Williams), with the completion of 38 yards the ball forward.

Although – Chris Jones (Chris Jones) II began forcing sack lightning spent a pause, but then the Chiefs defense team repeatedly fouls, the lightning directly to the line of 4 yards before the end zone. Then Mike Rivers connection – Williams completed three yards touchdowns, kicker Mike – Badgley (Mike Badgley) misses the additional points is completed, the lightning will be sent out to a less up front.

In addition, it is also – Chris Jones tenth consecutive harvest sack, tied cheap nfl jerseys for sale first in league history, is the first single-season sack ten consecutive games to finish the players.

Keenan – Alan (Keenan Allen) ball almost complete:

– Mike Williams touchdowns:

Before halftime, the score still have a chance of lightning at the Emirates tied the red zone. Lightning is the second-tier stand out, cornerback Ken Doyle – Fuller (Kendall Fuller) steals Rivers pass in the end zone to help the Chiefs to 14-7 halftime lead.

Midfielder injuries: wide receiver Keenan – Alan (Keenan Allen) can not be determined whether the return of a hip injury.

The second half began, the chiefs still carried on their usual ferocious offensive firepower. The number of large size several times to help them advance into the medal before the Lightning end zone five yards. Today momentum just running back Damien – Williams Road red ball two yards, completed touchdown, lightning 21-7 lead.

Tyreke – Hill (Tyreek Hill) 33 ball code:

Damien – Williams 2 yards rushing touchdowns:

Lightning after the ball back against the running back Justin Jackson – all the way forward, and finally against the wide receiver Mike Williams – Williams 19 yards rushing touchdowns by surprise, wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping narrowing the score disadvantage.

After the two teams offensive emergence impasse, each one abandoned after kick, the ball end of the third quarter to the Emirates.

Chiefs in the fourth quarter remembered how to break the Lightning defense, the ball quickly into the end zone 10 yards before lightning. After a few tentative, Seattle Seahawks jerseys free shipping but also a running back Damien – Williams Road complete a yards rushing, 28-14 chiefs once again extended the lead to two touchdowns.

Lightning did not give up, they attack with 11 stalls advancing 75 yards a touchdown (Justin Jackson – 3 yards rushing), followed by chiefs punt 3 files, there is still the opportunity to score the Lightning tied the least.

8 seconds left in the game, Lightning 1 yard line to end zone at the former chiefs, their last-ditch Bet success! Mike Rivers connection – Williams completed one yard touchdown. Lightning does not want the game into overtime, so they chose the two-point conversion, Williams Rivers connection success again, Emirates can only come to grief swallow defeat. Lack Melvin – Gordon (Melvin Gordon) Lightning win over enemies.

Two-point conversion lore:

Whistle statistics (from ESPN):

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