Nine Facts Everyone Should Know About Cheap Jerseys From China

Nine Facts Everyone Should Know About Cheap Jerseys From China

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[Review] race winning streak end! Saints ho to take 45 points, the Rams send season’s first defeat

Beijing November 5 hearing unbeaten Rams could not continue.

In this field the only time the Rams abandoned after kick. Saints quarterback Drew – outside Brisbane (Drew Brees) took over the connection – Michael Thomas (Michael Thomas) success, which is 72 yards long-range raid rounded end zone in the game less than four minutes left to help St. Acts 45-35 lead. This is also the Saints in the second half only a touchdown. After obtaining 35 points in the first half, cheap nfl jerseys the Saints offensive efficiency decline, the Rams had opportunities to draw Kuangzhui 21 points, but ultimately helpless opponents still only looking at the victory celebration cheers.

Brisbane field came four touchdowns, while Thomas is torn Rams defense. This wide receivers to complete 12 catches, 211 yards advancing, also the last winning touchdown came after times of special celebration. He drew the Saints took over the former outside Joe – 2003 trick Horn (Joe Horn): to hide a cell phone under the goal post and a chance to pretend to call celebrate. Horn was fined, Thomas is likely to be penalized.

After that, cheap china jerseys free shipping although excellent kickoff returner give the Rams a good position from attack. But Todd – after Geer Li (Todd Gurley) advancing 8 yards rushing, quarterback Jared – Gough (Jared Goff) is not completed three consecutive passes, the ball right handed it over. After advancing the ram 41 yards Saint line, but this time is 4 & amp; 1, less than two minutes left in the game. Saints coach Sean – Payton (Sean Payton) choose to Alvin – Camara (Alvin Kamara) rushed the ball strong to fight, this previously harvested three touchdowns running back coach did not live up to expectations, successfully completed the first conversion attack, and we have the saints win the game.

Gough audience 40 passes completed 28 times, advancing 391 yards, three touchdowns, one steals (indirectly led to Saints touchdowns), the final three passes unfinished too is not the time.

Although the two teams defensive group performance in this field are not calculated color, but the Rams running back Todd – Geer Li (Todd Gurley) completed only the audience rushed the ball 68 yards forward, advancing yardage total 79, regarded as the worst of the season efficiency of a return. But he still touchdowns accounted for (twelfth consecutive games). Rams offensive group’s performance today would have been enough to win other teams, but the Saints win not so easy.

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