7 Things You Have In Common With Wholesale Nfl Jerseys

7 Things You Have In Common With Wholesale Nfl Jerseys

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Everyday NFL Update: Share the ticket

Beijing October 30, Dear “Everyday NFL” players, start at 16:00 in the afternoon, “Everyday NFL” will usher in update! This update will increase the new features of the ticket and optimize the player experience ~

The specific update information is as follows

Update time:

October 31st 16: 00 & mdash; 17:00 (stop service)

(You will not log in normally during the update period, cheap jerseys from china bringing you inconvenience, please understand)

update content:

1. Add to share the ticket function. After updating. Enter the “Everyday wholesale nfl jerseys” page, share the game room, layout lineup, reward or share private rooms can receive tickets for players.

2, other optimization and bug repair

In addition, the mall will also update a large wave of goods, and the small parties have forgotten ~

Ok, let’s introduce here, more game details need you to experience it in the game tomorrow ~

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