Piers Morgan slams Extinction Rebellion activist who boasted she’s turned her dog vegan

Piers Morgan slams Extinction Rebellion activist who boasted she’s turned her dog vegan

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PIERS Morgan slammed an Extinction Rebellion activist who bragged on Twitter about turning her dog vegan.

Suzannah Pearce sparked outrage after posting a picture of the pooch wearing a jacket with a note attached to it saying: “If I can be a vegan, so can you!”

An Extinction Rebellion activist has sparked outrage after claiming her dog is vegan
Suzannah calls herself a ‘crazy plant lady and proud’
Piers Morgan slammed Suzannah for her post
Piers Morgan/Twitter

She was accused of animal cruelty by dog lovers on Twitter – with some threatening to report her to the RSPCA.

GMB host Piers also waded in to the row, writing: “Never seen a sadder looking dog, give it some damn meat.”

While footballer Peter Crouch said: “He looks like he’d love a sausage”.

Suzannah has now deleted her Twitter page after receiving a barrage of abuse over her “sad” dog.

Footballer Peter Crouch also waded in

One wrote: “I’m all for a human making a stand and going vegan… but forcing a carnivore to do the same is just wrong and you should be thoroughly ashamed.”

Another said: “Animal abuse, plain and simple.”

While one person wrote: “I can be a vegan, but your dog can’t. You are an animal abuser; feed this dog properly, or find it a proper home where it won’t be abused by a political zealot.

“This is why we call virtue signalling dangerous. It’s always somebody else harmed so a horrible person can show off.”

The RSPCA also tweeted about the picture, saying: “We would encourage the owner to seek advice from a vet to ensure the dog’s diet is balanced.”

Dogs – unlike cats – can be vegan despite being a member of the order Carnivora, which also includes bamboo-guzzling giant pandas.

People believe they are carnivores like their wolf ancestors and must eat meat to survive but they are actually omnivores.

Canine digestive systems can digest and gain nutrients from veg – but some critics have argued a dog diet lacking animal fats and proteins is potentially dangerous.

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