Huge bag of sex toys found dumped at the side of the road in Somerset

Huge bag of sex toys found dumped at the side of the road in Somerset

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A STASH of sex toys were dumped by a road side in Somerset – creating a bit of a buzz in the town as to who they belong to.

The array of the colourful items were scattered outside a bank in Bridgwater with locals taking to Facebook to share their shock.

The haul contained 10 vibrators of all shapes and sizes

Richard Lees took a picture of the abandoned toys, but unsurprisingly, no one has come forward to claim their missing property.

There were up to 10 vibrators discovered in the find, along with some rather large rabbits  that were not of the furry variety.

On the local newspaper Facebook page, it seemed that people were more interested in the quality of the paper bag that had been used to hold the plastic toys.

In a separate sex-toy related incident, a man was lost for words when he threw a stick and his dog came back with a dildo in his mouth.

To make it worse, Security guard Glen Pinnion, 44, only realised the 8.5in plaything was in Steve the English Bull Terrier’s chops when they went past a pub walking home.

He said: “There was a group of lads having a drink outside. They started laughing and pointing.

“I had a closer look and realised it wasn’t a stick but a great big, floppy rubber penis. And he wouldn’t give it up. I broke into a jog to get home as quickly as possible.”

No one has come forward to claim their naughty stash

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