Ex-little chef restaurants transformed into x-rated sex shops making the A1 ‘Britain’s kinkiest road’

Ex-little chef restaurants transformed into x-rated sex shops making the A1 ‘Britain’s kinkiest road’

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FORMER Little Chef restaurants have been transformed into x-rated shops that sell sex dolls and dildos on Britain’s kinkiest road.

Adult chain Pulse & Cocktails has snapped up the deserted roadside cafes, which are now used to sell saucy items along the A1.


Former Little Chef restaurants are being used to sell randy punters sex toys along the A1[/caption]


Adult outlet Pulse & Cocktails took over the first old Little Chef roadside restaurant around 11 years ago[/caption]

Randy drivers can buy racy goods like lingerie, handcuffs or BDSM gear at three adult superstores between London and Edinburgh, which are all in old Little Chef restaurants.

Director Graham Kidd said: “The [shops] are good for a number of reasons.

“They have good car parking, they are high profile and they are discreet – you’re not likely to run into your neighbour inside.

“We can never get away from the fact that we are British and everyone is frightened to death of being seen going into a local adult store, but if they are 100 miles from home they have the confidence to go in.”


Pulse & Cocktails claims to have the largest sex stores of any chain in Europe, with  its main Rotherham store some 7,000-square feet.

The adult firm moved into its first former Little Chef 11 years ago after the iconic restaurant chain closed down some outlets before it went bust.

The sex chain now has seven roadside stores, most in old Little Chefs, across England.

Little Chef roadside restaurants were a British institution and popular with drivers pulling over for a fry-up.

But now motorists can stop and buy a £1,000 sex doll or x-rated clothing at one of the adult outlets.

I understand why people talk about us – we have taken over a number of old Little Chefs, which was an iconic British brand

Pulse & Cockails owner Graham Kidd

Mr Kidd added: “People objected in the early days because they did not know what it was going to be.

“It’s not like we are next to schools; our shops are very remote and look very tasteful from the outside.

“I do understand why people talk about us, after all we have taken over a number of old Little Chefs, which was an iconic British brand.

“The risk has paid off though; they are more popular than our city centre shops.”


Drivers can buy x-rated outfits at seven of the chain’s adult stores[/caption]


BDSM gear and dildos are on sale at the premises where drivers used to pull over for a fry-up[/caption]

About 500 people visit the store on the A1 southbound at Grantham every week, estimates manager Michaela Snell.

She said most will buy something and roughly 25 per cent of people walking through the doors are regulars.

Michaela added: “Some will come straight up and ask questions, others will look as if to say ‘oh God, don’t talk to me’, which is fine – we can gauge what people want and leave them to it.

“We get a real mix of people in here. We do get a lot of people just asking for directions as well.”

According to a recent survey by a condom company, 79 per cent of women and 58 per cent of men who took part said they used sex toys.

Mr Kidd said the firm’s physical stores get far more traffic than its online shop and its biggest sellers are high-end, rechargeable sex toys.

“It’s a business though, it’s not all fun and games… but it is mostly fun and games.”

Little Chef closed its restaurants after running into financial trouble before folding completely in 2018
PA:Press Association


Lingerie and other x-rated items can be bought from the stores alongside Britain’s roads[/caption]


Kinky paraphernalia is a hit with motorists using the smutty outlets[/caption]


The seven stores are mainly housed in old Little Chef restaurants[/caption]


Randy punters are packing out the sex shops along the A1[/caption]

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