UK’s wackiest 999 calls revealed… from a cold kebab to finding a bacon sandwich and lost trousers

UK’s wackiest 999 calls revealed… from a cold kebab to finding a bacon sandwich and lost trousers

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WOULD you call the police if you saw a hedgehog? Ever danced so much you were convinced you needed  an ambulance?

A man in China was rescued by firefighters this week after trapping his arm in a toilet trying to retrieve a live FISH he dropped inside.

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Would you call the emergency services for a lost pair of trousers or on finding you’ve been sold a cold kebab? This lot would[/caption]

It took them 30 minutes to chisel away at the loo and prise out his arm. Yet while he was truly in need, our  emergency services have fielded their fair share of crazy  calls. Richard Assheton reveals the worst . . .

WEST Midlands Ambulance Service heard from one woman in a flap who called to resuscitate a dead pigeon.

The same busy service has dealt with calls from another woman whose feet were bleeding  after wearing new shoes and a man who said he couldn’t walk after “too much dancing”.

But the West Midlands doesn’t have a monopoly on tame “emergencies”.


This man in China had to call the loos and number twos after getting his arm stuck down a toilet — while trying to retrieve a lost fish[/caption]

The London Ambulance Service took a call from an 18-year-old who felt sick after a drag on a cigarette.

And another service heard from a gamer whose eyes were sore after playing for six hours straight on their computer. Do you smell burning . . . injustice? An alarmed Londoner called the police after seeing a clown selling balloons for £5 a pop — which they said was more than the other clowns were charging.

Greater Manchester Police got a furious call from a hungry punter who waited 45 minutes for a pizza to be delivered. And there was more “criminal” customer service in Manchester for the woman who complained to police her kebab was cold and the shop wouldn’t replace it.


A petrified OAP repored ‘a hedgehog in my garden’[/caption]

We all hate it when a vending machine swallows our money . . . but we wouldn’t all dial 999, as one man did.

If you want to know the time, they say: “Ask a policeman.” One fella took that too far and called the Met at 4am to ask: “Where is the best place to get a bacon sandwich right now?” In an even more pressing enquiry, a man rang cops in Cornwall because he couldn’t find his trousers.

Another dialled 999 asking for a taxi because his mobile phone had run out of credit and he could only call the emergency services.

Meanwhile, a jobseeker phoned for an ambulance because they wanted one to take them to a job interview — at a hospital.

Sometimes the calls are simply baffling rather than idle or misguided, like the petrified OAP who repored “a hedgehog in my garden”. And the Manchester lady who called the fire brigade with her her thumb stuck in a bowling ball.

Presumably she dialled 999 with her other hand.



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