Psychic cat Paddy consoles bereaved families at 100 funerals with his ‘sixth sense’ and even leads coffins down the aisle

Psychic cat Paddy consoles bereaved families at 100 funerals with his ‘sixth sense’ and even leads coffins down the aisle

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A PSYCHIC cat has consoled bereaved families at 100 funerals – even leading coffins down the aisle.

Paddy the “funeral cat” seems to show up when he is most needed, with mourners astounded at the feline’s “sixth sense”.

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Paddy has been dubbed as having a ‘sixth sense’ and turns up to funerals when he is needed[/caption]

When his owners, Christina Jones, 41, and Stuart Hague, 47, leave their home in Eastham, Wirral, to go to work, he heads off to nearby Mayfield’s Burial Grounds.

Staff at the Co-operative Funeral Care home insist the eight-year-old mourning moggy knows when to turn up, and often walks down ahead of the coffin.

With veterinary nurse, Jan McKinnon, 64, coming across Paddy when she lost her only daughter, Mel to breast cancer in May.

Now the ginger tomcat has become part of the family after he paid his respects to the animal-loving 36-year-old.

Jan said: “I met Paddy for the first time when I went into the funeral home to organise the day and the staff told me about him.

“I’m a registered veterinary nurse and so was Mel, she was a cat lover too so I was hoping and praying on the day that Paddy would turn up.

“When he arrived I was so happy. He came along and even sat in an empty chair to listen to the service, it was like it became even more of a special occasion because he was there.”


His owners had no idea he led a double life, attending more than 100 funerals, and only found out when they thought he had gone missing.

Stuart said: We thought he had gone missing a few years ago when he didn’t come home for five days, which was unusual, but when we put flyers around we got a call from the funeral home and discovered he was a regular visitor there.

“It’s so heart-warming to hear what he gets up to during the day. He has such a lovely temperament so it’s nice to know that people who are really in need of a bit of affection and compassion are benefitting from Paddy’s kind nature.”

Officially titled as their Chief Moggy Mourner, Paddy has been working with Co-op staff for more than three years.

Carol Paton, Funeral Arranger for the Co-op at Mayfields, said: “Paddy is such a special cat.

“He genuinely seems to have a sixth sense for when a funeral is about to take place, and will turn up just before to pay his respects.

“If the family then ask for him to stay, we allow him to attend.

“Every funeral we do at the Co-op is unique, but Paddy really does provide that extra special touch, helping provide comfort, affection and even entertainment for families at one of the most difficult times in their lives.

“His timing is impeccable. During one funeral service he made an appearance outside the window, just as the eulogy got to the part about the individual’s love of cats.

“And once when arranging a funeral with a client for her partner, it turned out the client had always wanted a ginger cat, but her partner had never agreed.

“Then in strolled Paddy, lightening the mood as if he was a sign from the beyond.”

Mercury Press

The cat has been to more than 100 funerals so far[/caption]

Mercury Press

Staff at the Co-Op run burial grounds say he is a special cat and helps mourners[/caption]

With his owner, Stuart Hague, who had no idea he had been joining mourners
Mercury Press

Mercury Press

Staff say he will often lead coffins down the aisle and comforts mourners[/caption]

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