After long handshakes were hown to trigger anxiety, we share five tips on how to deliver the perfect greeting every time

After long handshakes were hown to trigger anxiety, we share five tips on how to deliver the perfect greeting every time

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ARE you a shady shaker or a grim gripper? We told how lengthy handshakes – favoured by politicians – could not only cause anxiety but put international relations at risk.

University of Dundee’s Dr Emese Nagy said: “Three-second handshakes feel more natural. Long ones might look good for the cameras but this behaviour could jeopardise the quality of working and personal relationships, which could have repercussions for millions of people.”

Long handshakes have been shown to trigger anxiety in some people
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KATY DOCHERTY shows you how to deliver the perfect handshake – and the greeting grievances to avoid.

How to give a great greeting

Keep it straight

Keep your hand vertical to the other person to send the message that you are equals — lifting your hand higher could be seen as haughty
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Look ’em in the eye

Keep eye contact when shaking hands to show you want to make a proper connection
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Find the right grip

Practise with friends to find the right level of grip – not too firm but not too soft either
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Pump it up

Squeeze your companion’s hand no more than three times and tap with your other hand as a sign to let go
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Lead the way

Make it clear if you prefer a handshake to a hug by putting a hand on the shoulder as you hold out the other hand
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Famous make a bad fist of it

Floppy fingers

A light touch can come across as a sign of insecurity and show a lack of skills. Get a firm grip to show everyone who’s boss.

The late artist Andy Warhol reportedly had a handshake like a ‘wet rag’
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Ghastly grip

A bone-crushing hand lock could make others think you’re trying to overcompensate for something.

US president Donald Trump has a notoriously strong grip designed to intimidate fellow world leaders
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Hipster hands

Trying trendy handshakes such as a fist bump shows immaturity and a lack of awareness.

Rapper Kanye West greeted President Trump in the White House with a hug and a hand clasp
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Linger fingers

Holding on for too long reeks of neediness, even if you get your grip spot-on.

A-lister Angelina Jolie was once forced to shake a Japanese TV presenter’s hand for an awkward 67 seconds

Quick digit

A quickie handshake can make others think you are rude and too busy for them.

It’s royal protocol to briefly shake the Queen’s hand for two pumps, like Boris, left, but she often flouts this rule

Elbow in

Grasping your acquaintance’s elbow while handshaking shows you have a controlling or possessive nature.

Ed Sheeran made this faux-pas with Prince Charles when accepting his MBE in 2017
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