Piers Morgan blasts Extinction Rebellion co-founder for not ‘practising what you preach’ in fiery GMB row

Piers Morgan blasts Extinction Rebellion co-founder for not ‘practising what you preach’ in fiery GMB row

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PIERS Morgan accused an Extinction Rebellion co-founder of “rank hypocrisy” and not “practising what you preach” in a fiery TV debate.

The broadcaster blasted Skeena Rathor and told her to “start with action in your own four walls” after she refused to admit whether she owned a TV.

Piers Morgan accused the Extinction Rebellion co-founder of not ‘practising what you preach’

Rathor, 42, a Labour councillor from Stroud, hit the headlines in April when she glued herself to Jeremy Corbyn’s garden wall during an Extinction Rebellion protest.

Challenging her on Good Morning Britain today Morgan said: “The truth is in your own life, with your own kids that you profess to be so concerned about, they all have computers, televisions, air conditioning.

“They have cars that drive them around. You don’t practice what you preach”.

Rallying about Extinction Rebellion, Morgan continued: “These people don’t practice what they preach.

They sneak off to McDonald’s, they have diesel powered generators, they all get their cars around…they all basically lead completely hypocritical lives.

“If you genuinely believe the planet is about to end, start with your own carbon footprint. Otherwise you become the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of this debate which is you do one thing and say another”.

Struggling to get a word in, Rathor said: “It’s a systems wide issue…it’s about our government telling the truth. Every individual voice matters.

“It’s not about individual carbon footprint, it’s about a systems wide issue. Unless you live in a wood completely as a recluse, you are going to be part of this system.

“To raise the alarm I have to be part of this system”.

Morgan and Rathor had a fiery exchange on GMB today
Rathor glued herself to Jeremy Corbyn’s fence in April
SWNS:South West News Service

But Morgan hit back saying: “Does your carbon footprint matter? Can you try answering one question seriously. Sorry, I’m really having a problem here. You’re not answering a single question. Does your personal carbon footprint count, yes or no?”

He went on: “The truth is you do have a television and you don’t want to admit to having a television is because that immediately throws you into the hypocrisy debate because you’re guzzling up and burning the atmosphere with your TV, and you don’t want to admit it because it makes you look like a rank hypocrite.

“Why don’t you start with action in your own four walls? Why don’t we extinguish and rebel against your TV?”

Rathor signed off saying: “What’s beautiful about Extinction Rebellion is people are coming together in sacrifice of their liberty, which is a huge issue, which is a huge ask of people”.

In April Rathor was part of a group who glued themselves to the Labour leader’s garden wall.

They were left disappointed when Corbyn left without speaking to them and declined their gift of chocolates in a paper bag marked “Jeremy’s love hamper”.

Rathor said: “I felt embarrassed. I felt sad. That’s it”.

Protesters have set up tents in Trafalgar Square for the second night in a row
Protesters set up their tents in Trafalgar Square for the second night in a row
Jamie Lorriman
A man gets detained by police in Whitehall tonight
A man gets detained by police in Whitehall last night
Protesters danced to DJ group Orbital in Trafalgar Square
Protesters danced to Orbital in Trafalgar Square last night

Routes in and out of Westminster were completely blocked by environmentalists yesterday.

Some glued themselves to the Department for Transport building yesterday and to a lorry outside the Home Office in their “direct action” against what they say is the government’s failure to take climate change seriously.

By 9.30pm last night, the Met Police had arrested 261 people as part of yesterday’s protests – bringing the total number of arrests from the first two days to 580.

Met officers have had leave and rest days cancelled and are working 12-hour shifts.

But police were accused of “standing around the edges” and yesterday missed at least two opportunities to remove vehicles blocking Trafalgar Square.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the Met should be taking “more robust action” against demonstrators who have effectively taken over the streets surrounding Parliament.

Rob Callender, 28, from Islington, spent Monday night locked on top of a trailer that had been driven into Trafalgar Square by a Land Rover Discovery.

He said that the police had passed up blankets to keep him warm.

Protestors stuck to the road this afternoon to block Millbank
Protesters stuck themselves to the road yesterday to block Millbank
Rex Features
This protester gets arrested in Whitehall during the second day of demonstrations
This protester gets arrested in Whitehall during the second day of demonstrations
Police try to cut a woman chained to other eco-warriors in Whitehall this evening
Police try to cut a woman chained to other eco-warriors in Whitehall yesterday evening
Rex Features

Thousands of protesters ignored an order under section 14 of the Public Order Act to restrict their protest to the pedestrianised area of Trafalgar Square or face arrest, but by last night little attempt had been made to enforce it.

Tents remained in place on Trafalgar Square, beside Westminster Abbey and outside the Home Office.

Last night groups from Westminster Bridge and The Mall joined environmentalists at Trafalgar Square – where many were seen dancing during an impromptu rave.

Environmentalists also set up a “village” under Nelson’s Column with its own improvised cycle lane, food stalls and a “well-being sanctuary” for tired or stressed protesters.

Extinction Rebellion said it would disrupt London City airport tomorrow.

Organisers said they want to stage a “Hong Kong style” occupation of the terminal building by lying, sitting or gluing themselves in front of the gates.

They have told protesters to wear “business clothes” and buy a single one-way ticket that departs from the airport in order to get through security.

Climate change activists were criticised after they were spotted in McDonald’s
Twitter / JuliaHB1
Climate change activists were seen leaving McDonald’s as they took a break from protesting
Splash News
Another protester was seen stepping out of the fast food chain, which boasts that it sells 75 hamburgers every second
Splash News

7/7 survivor Dan Biddle, who lost both his legs in the attack, was blocked from reaching a charity event
Ian Whittaker

7/7 survivor Dan Biddle, who lost both his legs in the attack, was stopped from reaching a charity event[/caption]

A man who lost both of his legs in the 7/7 terror attack blasted the protesters yesterday after he was unable to get to Westminster to attend a prestigious reception at the House of Lords on Tuesday night.

Dan Biddle, 40, told The Sun: “I am furious about it. I agree we have to deal with climate change, but this isn’t the way to get the message across.

“I think it’s a disgrace the protesters have impacted this event like this — there doesn’t seem to be much respect there.”

Dan, of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, was due to attend the annual Shaw Trust Power 100 reception honouring the most influential disabled folk in Britain.

He said: “Everyone there has overcome adversity and being recognised for the work they do is a huge honour. Not being able to get there is a sickener.”

Activists were also branded as hypocrites when a number of eco-warriors were seen popping into McDonald’s, which boasts that it sells 75 hamburgers every second.

Tory MP Ben Bradley said: “The lack of self-awareness is absolutely staggering”.

Other protesters were snapped drinking out of plastic coffee cups on Tuesday.

Traders at Smithfield Market also expressed anger about cost to business from the protests.

The protesters set up vegetable stalls to “disrupt the idea that Smithfield must always be a place of death and environmental destruction”.

James Burden said that missing one day of trade would cost the 31 meat companies “millions” of pounds collectively.

Boris Johnson has said he agrees with the aims of Extinction Rebellion but “deplores” their tactics.

The Prime Minister said the group are “right to rebel” against the damage being inflicted on Earth by climate change but accused the eco-warriors of causing more pollution with their disruption in the capital.

It marked a softer tone from the PM who had branded them “importunate nose-ringed climate change protesters” on Monday night.

An activist is carried away by cops from near the Houses of Parliament
Environmentalists face up to police in Westminster on the second day of protests
Jon Bond – The Sun
Extinction Rebellion dance to music as they block a street at the bottom of Trafalgar Square
AP:Associated Press
An activist grins as he was marched away by police officers outside the Home Office
AP:Associated Press
Extinction Rebellion protesters who have set up camp on Horseferry Road and Marsham Street in Westminster
PA:Press Association

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