Mum whose baby nearly died after catching measles from unvaccinated child hounded by ‘anti-vaxxer’ trolls

Mum whose baby nearly died after catching measles from unvaccinated child hounded by ‘anti-vaxxer’ trolls

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A MUM whose baby nearly died after catching measles from un-vaccinated children claims she has been hounded by anti-vax trolls.

Little Alba Moss was rushed to hospital with her eyes swollen shut and a beastly rash after catching the disease earlier in April this year.

Alba’s eyes were swollen shut for four days after developing measles
Jilly Moss/Supplied
Jilly, Richard and baby Alba before she fell sick
Jilly Moss/Supplied

Her mum Jill slammed anti-vaxxers over the horror, with baby Alba too young to get the MMR jab (measles, mumps and rubella) to protect herself against the illness.

The 35-year-old, from Surbiton, Surrey, now claims she was bombarded with abuse by parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids after posting pictures of stricken Alba online.

She told Mail Online: “I’ve never witnessed hatred like it from mothers to another mother.

“They were blaming me, saying that it was my fault she’d got measles because I hadn’t kept her at home all year.

“They said I had been feeding Alba poison because I’d been formula-feeding her — in fact, I’d been breastfeeding — and at one point, they suggested that none of it was real. They said Richard [Alba’s dad] worked for a big pharmaceutical company, that I was an actress and Alba was a doll.”


Alba fell ill shortly after her first birthday and was rushed to hospital after becoming “floppy and unresponsive” with a temperature of 40C.

Doctors diagnosed the tot with measles, with terrified Jill and husband Richard forced to watch as their baby daughter continued to deteriorate.

Alba spent a week in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital being tube fed and was so dehydrated the doctors couldn’t take her blood.

Jess was later urged by doctors to post snaps of the tot in hospital in a bid to encourage parents vaccinate their children.


She wrote: “Posting these heartbreaking images of our beautiful baby girl who contracted measles is extremely difficult.

“She was too young for her MMR vaccination when she got sick which meant she has had to fight this killer virus with no immunity.

“Measles is not just a rash it can cause blindness, encephalitis and pneumonia.

“We need to do more people. Get your children vaccinated.”

But she received a string of abuse by anti-vaxxers, who told her little Alba just needed a dark room and Vitamin A to fight off the disease.

Jess said: “What boggles my brain is that most of the anti-vaxxers are from my generation, people who have been vaccinated themselves, so they are protected but won’t protect their own children.

“They believe there’s a link with autism, even though the doctor who started the MMR scare [Andrew Wakefield] has been totally discredited and lost his licence.”

What is measles?

WHO has said that measles cases have jumped up by 50 per cent in the last year.

It’s a highly infectious viral illness that can sometimes lead to very serious complications.

It can cause things like pneumonia and encephalitis – both of which can kill or leave people seriously disabled for the rest of their lives.

Now, experts are calling for measles vaccinations to be made mandatory in certain countries.

It’s given in two doses as part of the NHS childhood vaccination programme.

The first jab is given to kids at around 13 months old, while a second dose is administered at around three years, four months.

There is no link at all between having the MMR vaccine and autism – even in children who have other risk factors for the condition, scientists confirmed back in March.

That’s the conclusion of a nationwide study of all children born in Denmark to Danish-born mums between 1999 and 2010.

The parents are now waiting to find out if Alba has any long-term effects from the illness.

Jess fears she may have epilepsy after the baby was rushed to hospital a couple of weeks ago suffering a convulsion.

Speaking to The Sun in April, she said: “We worry for the future and the lasting effects all we can do is hope and pray that she will be okay and she won’t have anymore complications.”

Jess spoke out after the UN revealed the number of cases of measles shot up a terrifying 300 per cent worldwide in the first three months of 2019.

Fear is now growing over the impact anti-vaxxers are having on public health.

Measles is highly contagious and can be entirely prevented by having the jab – but increasing numbers of parents are shunning the vaccination.

She suffered a horrific rash on her back as a result of the illness
Jilly Moss/Supplied
Alba was too young for the MMR jab
Jilly Moss/Supplied

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