Daisy Lowe insists she’s ‘just trying to save the planet’ as she defends using private jets after joining Extinction Rebellion protests

Daisy Lowe insists she’s ‘just trying to save the planet’ as she defends using private jets after joining Extinction Rebellion protests

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MODEL Daisy Lowe today insisted she is trying to “save the planet” after joining the Extinction Rebellion protests – as she defended taking gas-guzzling private jets.

The eco-luvvie was among a group of celebs who have been keen to highlight their involvement in the climate change protest that has brought London to a standstill.

Model Daisy Lowe jumps for joy in front of a private jet that she took to Milan in 2017
The 30-year-old model took this private jet to Italy the same year
Model Lowe and actress pal Jaime Winstone snapped snaps of them protesting in central London on Monday
Lowe, pictured at an Extinction Rebellion dinner this week, spoke about the ‘terrifying reality we live in’

Lowe has been branded an eco-hypocrite after lecturing about the “terrifying reality we live in” – despite leaving a considerable carbon footprint of her own.

She proudly posted pictures from at least three holidays abroad over the past year, including Ibiza, Venice and Greece.

She also went on a £100,000 holiday with other celebrity friends by private jet to celebrate model Cara Delevingne’s 25th birthday in Mexico in 2017.

On a previous trip in February 2017, she boasted how she had flown by private jet to Milan using the travel app Jetsmarter.

Jetsmarter, which has now rebranded as FlyXO, charge around £5,000 for a chartered flight from London to Italy.

Flying privately creates significantly greater carbon emissions than using scheduled flights, with planes creating seven times more CO2 per person than commercial jets.

Today when Lowe was asked by Sun Online about her use of private jets despite her eco-campaigning, she said: “I’m just trying to help the planet, that’s all.”

Aside from travelling in private jets, she has also done sponsorship deals with Mercedez Benz and has recently been pictured by one of the carmarker’s luxury models at the Silverstone F1 track.

She simply said she “wasn’t doing any interviews” when asked to comment further at her £1.4 million house in Camden, north London.

Lowe has also posed up with Coca-Cola bottles for a sponsored post on Instagram. A Greenpeace report in 2017 revealed Coca-Cola was responsible for selling more than 100 billion single-use plastic bottles across the globe ever year.

On Sunday night Lowe hosted an Extinction Rebellion dinner attended by activist Tamsin Omond, who married her fiancee on Westminster Bridge on Monday.

The event was sponsored by luxury candlemakers Jo Malone, whose products are believed to give off the same amount of pollution as a diesel car.

Lowe, who has taken private jets on holiday, protested with Extinction Rebellion this week
PA:Press Association
Model Lowe gave her support to the environmental protest
Lowe has a series of photos in partnership with car giant Mercedes on her Instagram
Lowe posing in front of a Mercedes
Lowe sits on a Mercedes during a day out at Silverstone Formula 1
The model is lucky enough to attend Glastonbury Festival every year, where she camps in the plush area of the site
Ruby Wax and Juliet Stevenson were spotted with climate change activists on Monday
AFP or licensors

Lowe attended the protest on Monday with actress pal Jaime, who is the daughter of actor Ray Winstone.

Comedian Ruby Wax and actress Juliet Stevenson were also snapped mingling with activists on Monday.

Wax, 66, has posted details on Twitter of trips to the US, Norway and China in the last few months alone.

Meanwhile Truly, Madly, Deeply star Stevenson, 62, was seen at the demo carrying what appeared to be a plastic bag.

She said: “I’m trying to give up flying on every occasion that I don’t really, really have to.

“I’m trying to change my lifestyle accordingly, move into green energies, an electric car and cutting out meat.

“Extinction Rebellion says that not everyone has to be a vegan or stop flying altogether if you need to be at work in New York or Dubai.

“That’s a question for personal conscience.

“People are always going to hurl criticisms at any protest group. A hundred years ago the suffragettes were doing this.

“They were locked up, called criminals and trouble makers- now there’s a plaque for them at the House of Commons. What side of history do you want to be on?”

The Crown’s Oscar winner Olivia Colman (centre) poses with Stephen Fry (far left) and comic Asim Chaudry wearing Extinction Rebellion badges

Last week Olivia Colman, Stephen Fry and Asim Chaudhry were all pictured wearing Extinction Rebellion badges last week.

Colman and Chaudhry both appear on a BA in-flight safety films with other stars such as Michael Caine, Joanna Lumley and David Walliams.

Extinction Rebellion plan to shut down City Airport for three days tomorrow, where BA have a fleet of aircraft.

The demonstrators say they want to disrupt “business as usual” at the airport.

Protests will include a Hong Kong-style occupation of the terminal building, with people lying, sitting and gluing themselves in front of the departure and arrivals gates.

Mid Derbyshire Conservative MP Pauline Latham criticised the celebs.

She told The Sun: “It’s very hypocritical. They’re telling people to do one thing and then doing another. They need to abide by their own rules. It’s not right.

“That’s an awful lot of overseas travel from them.

“It’s out of order. And for Daisy Lowe to be going into detail about all of those expensive restaurants is as bad.

“I’m sure the fellow protesters can’t or wouldn’t travel as much as them.”

Plumber Kevin Smith, 45, said of the celebrities protesting: “They don’t know what real life and struggle is all about.

“They’re too busy making too much money.

“These protests are probably a nice day out for them. Nice bit of publicity. Some of us have to work hard for a living.”


Extinction Rebellion is calling on the Government declare a climate and ecological emergency, act immediately to halt wildlife loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

Earlier in the year, Parliament declared a climate and environment emergency and the Government has passed a law to cut emissions to net zero by 2050, far later than the activists are demanding.

The group staged 11 days of protests in London in April that disrupted public transport and roads.

On Thursday Extinction Rebellion activists used a fire engine to hose red liquid at the Treasury to draw attention to what they said was the government’s failure to avert climate disaster.

Last week the Met warned that the protests were taking officers away from other vital roles in the capital including tackling knife crime and domestic violence.

More resources have been used policing climate change protest than focusing on terror, it was said.

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