Original 1970s home overlooking Welsh sea is a perfect tribute to its retro decade

Original 1970s home overlooking Welsh sea is a perfect tribute to its retro decade

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A CLASSIC property from the 1970s has been preserved in all its retro glory – but still comes with a modern price.

Every room inside this home along the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd has a variety of classic elements that combine to make an incredible snap-shot of the past but you will only get a bit of lose change from £400,000.

Stepping inside the property is like going back in time to the 1970s
It might be best to avoid the kitchen if you have a hangover
The main bathroom is described as ‘olive green’ rather than the classic ‘avocado’ of yesteryear

The patterns, the colours, the furnishings and even the wall treatments are all little retro gems that many homeowners are now hankering after to make their 1970s homes more authentic.

And if retro interior design is not your favourite it is still worth taking a peek inside because if you are of a certain age, the home will transport you right back to your childhood.

Outside, the home’s first big selling point is its coastal location within the hamlet of Aberdesach, with sea views from the first floor lounge, terrace and rear garden.

Just a short stroll away from the home is Aberdesach Beach, a mixed shingle and sand bay that is flanked by the Eifl mountains on one side.

Surrounded on all sides by countryside, there is a beautiful view to behold from every window of the property.


Travelling down the private lane to the house, the exterior will also be a beautiful view to behold to any potential buyer who wants a unique period home.

Built in 1974 to a high specification, the square block design and wood cladding of the property hints at the retro interior waiting inside.

On the ground floor arguably the jewel in the ’70s crown is the bright yellow kitchen.

Sporting the original units with classic integrated metal strip handles, this sunny colour is celebrated via the tile splash-backs too.

The carpet in the kitchen was a choice that was very ‘on-trend’ back in this decade and it is unusual to still see it still in place and looking like it still has a few years of use left in it.

The house appears to have been so well-cared for that even the original 1970s chest height oven survives.

The property comes with some great sea views
It’s just a short walk to Aberdesach Beach

It could be a new owner will not feel warm towards the sunny kitchen but hopefully the original units, that are so hard to find now, are put on an auction site to find a new, retro-loving owner.

The ground floor is also home to the two main double bedrooms, one of which is happily showcasing one of the most iconic 1970s bedding designs from Marks & Spencer, now described by many as vintage.

So many girls’ bedrooms were decorated in this very popular ‘flower power’ design which was also available in pink and purple/blue.

The main bathroom, of course, has a coloured suite but it’s more olive green than classic ’70s avocado.


But no need for any disappointment as the corner bath more than makes up for this more gentle bathroom suite shade.

Again, the room has been preserved so well by the owners it remains probably largely untouched from when it was installed well over 40 years ago.

Also on the ground floor, next to the kitchen, can be found the dining room, with the two spaces separated only by a wall.

The most tempting thing to do would be to take a hammer to the wall and create a more family friendly kitchen/diner.

Upstairs, the stand-out room is arguably the lounge with its internal and external features demanding attention.

The double height room extends into a pyramid shaped roof that has the ‘must-have’ 1970s feature of all luxury homes; wood cladding.


The texture wallpaper, wood panel walls, beige velvet suite and noticeable mid century furniture shapes and textures all give this room a perfect retro feel – think a scene out of the TV shows Quincy or Columbo.

The clever design of this room to maximise the sea-views is pretty perfect too.

There is a large floor-to-ceiling picture window plus patio doors that lead onto the roof terrace that boasts uninterrupted views of the bay.

But if the view of the water becomes a little boring, this room also has a balcony at the far end of the space.

An intriguing addition, this balcony is built into the slope of the roof and has breath-taking vistas of the mountains behind the property.

On the first floor of this ‘upside down’ house there is also a third bedroom and a handy cloakroom, also decked out in an eye-catching coloured suite.

This unique home along the coast from the historic town of Caernarfon and nestled within a setting of coast and countryside could potentially become a popular holiday let, subject to planning consent.

Or maybe it will be bought by someone who adores mid-century design and will fully preserve its authentic features.

One of the two double bedrooms even comes with bedding designs from the 1970s
The property has largely been untouched since it was built in 1974
The property has a retro feel to it throughout
The property is near to the historic town of Caernarfon

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