Furious commuter tells passenger to ‘take your feet off the seat and move your bloody bag’ in Essex train row

Furious commuter tells passenger to ‘take your feet off the seat and move your bloody bag’ in Essex train row

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TEMPERS flared between two passengers on a packed commuter train after one refused to move his feet and bag off of a spare seat.

The spat was captured on video as tired commuters travelled between Westham and Barking, in London yesterday evening.

The man laughed as he refused to take his feet and bag off the seat – leaving others standing up

It began when a man told another passenger with his feet up to make space for others, only to be told to “shut his mouth”.

The men began to make physical threats to one another, with one saying: “You would not know what’s hit you, the courts will deal with you.”

The man with his feet up, grinning replied: “Yeah alright mate, why don’t you try and read your paper?”

Biting back, the man attempting to read his paper said: “Why don’t you take your feet off the seat and move your bloody bag!”


Commuters, including those standing in the aisles due to a lack of seating, watched nervously as the argument escalated.

The man with the paper tried to move the bag, only for the other man to tell him to stop touching his property.

A woman sat next to the man refusing to move his belongings off the seat told him to stop and looked incredibly uncomfortable.

Ironically, the pair were battling it out in a carriage marked: “quiet zone”.

Adding more fuel to the fire, the man with his feet up said: “You’re such an idiot aren’t you?”

Exasperated, the man with his back to the camera said: “You can’t seem to grasp that it’s your bag that is the problem!”

He replied: “No I grasp it very much, you’re the problem. As soon as you come on this train you’re the problem.”

The other man replied: “That’s right! Because your bag is taking up a seat!”

The fight captured the attention of the whole carriage, with some giggling at craning their necks to watch.

The woman next to him, who appeared to be with him, looked embarrassed as the pair battled it out

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