Joker cinema screening halted as cops called to man ‘threatening to bang out’ fan

Joker cinema screening halted as cops called to man ‘threatening to bang out’ fan

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A SCREENING of Joker had to be stopped mid-way through after a man started hurling insults at fellow cinemagoers at a VUE in Cheshire.

Film fans watching the new critically acclaimed movie starring Joaquin Phoenix were disrupted by a man who started swearing loudly during the flick in Cheshire Oaks on Saturday night.

A screening of Joker was called to a halt in Cheshire after a man started abusing fellow film fans
The loudmouth lout threatened to ‘bang out’ a ‘baldy c***’ who he felt had abused him before the footage began

Staff at the cinema were praised for the way they dealt with the situation and police were called.

A short video posted to Twitter shows the alleged loudmouth yelling: “Don’t call me a p**** you bald head c***…Bang you straight out.”

People shout for him to get out, one says: “Please leave, thank you,”  to which he responds: “Laughing stock. Baldy c***. Go and get yourself a hair transplant.”

Another man can be heard saying: “Please leave now darling, you’re being a bit selfish.”

He replies: “Don’t call people p***s then.

“I know you wouldn’t call me a p*** to my face on the outskirts of the road.

“If you did, you’d get more than what was coming to you boy.”

As the video ends, a woman can be heard saying: “Absolute gob****e.”

‘BALDY C***’

The man kicked off during a showing of the hit movie staring Joaquin Phoenix
Warner Bros

It comes as it has been revealed that some fans have had to walk out before the film ends after finding it “dark and sick”.

The incident was described as an “absolute joke” and was compared to “a scene from Jeremy Kyle” by cinema-goers.

Ellen Evans whp filmed the clip said: “Go to the @vuecinemas Cheshire Oaks to see the Joker and the film gets turned off because of a man kicking off, the Vue dealt with it brilliantly, police were called, movie resumed once they were escorted by police of the premises & gave us all a free ticket to say sorry!”

Vue replied to say: “I’m really sorry to hear of this Ellen, I’m so pleased to hear of how well the crew handled this and that you were issued a ticket for a future visit. We look forward to seeing you again soon!”

Ellen said: “They were all brilliant, can’t commend them more.”

The cinema has now imposed a 12 month ban on the customer.

A spokesman for Cheshire police said: “At 6.31pm on Saturday, October 5, police received a report of a man being threatening towards customers at a cinema on Coliseum Way in Ellesmere Port. Officers attended and a man was removed from the cinema.

“A 12 month banning order has been issued to the man by the cinema.”

The already contentious film was hit by another controversy today after The Sun revealed it could spell a cash windfall for convicted paedo Gary Glitter.

Rock and Roll Part 2, which Glitter helped write, is played in a key scene of the blockbuster.

He will receive a lump sum for letting the recording be used and royalties will be paid based on how well the film does in cinemas, plus DVD sales and sales of the film’s soundtrack.

The 1972 hit plays for around two minutes in a key scene when Joaquin Phoenix dances down a long flight of steps as he fully transforms into the villain.

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