How 15-year-old girl tortured pal with a cheese grater and beat her with a dog chain before brutally killing her own dad

How 15-year-old girl tortured pal with a cheese grater and beat her with a dog chain before brutally killing her own dad

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WITH her long brown hair and beaming smile, 15-year-old Lorraine Thorpe looked sweet and innocent when Rosalyn Hunt accepted an invite into her Ipswich flat.

But once inside, the teen and her accomplice Paul Clarke, 41, subjected the mum-of-two to three days of torture –  slicing her face with a cheese grater, setting her face alight and beating her with a dog chain before finally killing her.

Lorraine Thorpe was 15 when she murdered Rosalyn and Desmond
PA:Press Association
Rosalyn was a kind-hearted. generous woman

Just 24 hours later, the sick killers turned their attention to Lorraine’s father, Desmond Thorpe, beating him to death inside his own flat just a few miles away – making Thorpe Britain’s youngest multiple murderer.

The 2009 attack was so ferocious, Lorraine’s trainer print was visible on her father’s forehead.

The depraved killings, which shocked the Suffolk town and the nation, are revisited in this week’s episode of Murdertown: Ipswich on Crime+Investigation.

The show reveals the teenager – who is due for release in six years – showed no remorse for the double murder.

Desmond was murdered by his own daughter and his friend
Crime and Investigation

Sliced with a cheese grater and beaten with a dog chain

Victims Rosalyn Hunt and Lorraine’s dad Desmond were both chronic alcoholics and known to be vulnerable.

Following her divorce from husband John, mum-of-two Rosalyn – Rosie to her friends – struggled to find work.

She would often drink in her council flat along with other street drinkers, including Desmond, whose daughter had lived with him since her parents’ divorce when she was 12.

Rosalyn’s generous nature meant she was an easy target for others in a community.

On August 01, 2009, Lorraine and her “role model” Clarke took Rosalyn to their flat where she was barbarically tortured for a number of days.

As well as having her face sliced with a cheese grater and body whipped with a dog chain, the pair rubbed salt in her wounds to make them even more painful.

They also forced Rosalyn to get into a suitcase and threatened to attack her with an electric fan.

“One can only imagine what the thoughts were in her mind as she knew this was happening and whether or not she was ever going to get out of the flat at all,” says retired Detective Chief Inspector Rick Munns, who led the investigation.

Paul Clarke murdered Rosalyn before turning on fellow drinker Desmond
Crime and Investigation
Rosalyn – pictured as a young woman – became a drinker after her divorce
Crime and Investigation

Decaying body found four days later

After being subjected to two days of terrifying abuse, Rosalyn was taken back to her own flat under the cover of darkness.

Not yet finished with her, Paul and Lorraine inflicted even more violence before the final, fatal beating.

Rosalyn was dead for up to four days before her decaying body was discovered by police.

She was lying on on a mattress in the bedroom and had suffered massive trauma to her upper body, with nine separate rib injuries.

“The pathologist gave a formal cause of death as blunt trauma. She had clearly suffered significant violence and physical abuse,” Munns recalls.

The news of Rosalyn’s sickening murder quickly spread.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, what circles you move in. You hear of someone being murdered, you know, it’s a shock,” says friend Carrie Talbot.

“And especially when it is somebody like Rosie. A really nice person who wouldn’t harm anybody, wouldn’t argue with anybody. Somebody that is not confrontational.”

Mum-of-two Rosalyn as a younger women, before her divorce
Crime and Investigation

Smothered to death with a cushion

The town was reeling from Rosalyn’s murder when Desmond was found dead the following day just two miles away.

The father-of-four’s body was discovered on the settee inside his home, while a blood-splattered cushion was found outside the house.

Marks on the inside of his lips suggested he had been smothered to death with it.

There were also signs he had been badly beaten, with a visible trainer print on his forehead.

Rosalyn’s flat was where her decaying body was found
Crime and Investigation

Sick and twisted teen killer

It soon transpired Desmond’s 15-year-old daughter Lorraine was with Paul at the house just before police arrived.

Through her dad, Lorraine had become introduced to Clarke and the street drinking community.

While police were certain of Clarke’s involvement, they found it hard to believe the teen could have played any part in the murders. Surely she was coerced into the killings?

But the remorseless teen told police she had stamped on his head, chillingly boasting, “you’ll find my footprint on my dad.”

Police believe Lorraine killed her father because he found about about Rosalyn’s murder – but they found no motive for why they killed Rosalyn, leaving officers “baffled.”

“It was known that he  [Desmond] was going to approach the authorities or tell the authorities as to what had happened to Rosalyn,” Munns recalls.

“We believe that that was the main motivation why they ultimately couldn’t allow Des Thorpe to make that approach to the authorities and would have led to his death by suffocation.”

The twisted pair were both charged with the murders and in August 2010, Paul was sentenced to life and Lorraine got 14 years behind bars.

A judge told Ipswich Crown Court: “Far from being sorry, Lorraine appears to have gloried in it, describing to her friends at one stage how she stamped on Rosalyn’s head.”

Paul Clarke was found dead in his cell five years into his life sentence. Lorraine is due to be released in 2025, when she will be 31.

Murdertown: Ipswich airs on Monday 7 October, 9pm on Crime+Investigation

Detective Rick Munns led the case in 2009
Crime and Investigation

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