Female mechanic’s hilarious Facebook ad for Ford Fiesta after getting frustrated with ‘idiot’ men trying to knock down the price

Female mechanic’s hilarious Facebook ad for Ford Fiesta after getting frustrated with ‘idiot’ men trying to knock down the price

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A FEMALE mechanic has gone viral for writing an “idiot’s guide” car advert in  after becoming frustrated with “k***er” men trying to knock down the price.

Laura Jones, who is also supercar instructor and grid girl, was asked by her younger brother to help him sell his Ford Fiesta online.

Laura Jones posted a hilarious advert for her brother’s Ford Fiesta on Facebook
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The 26-year-old wrote the ad in ‘idiot terms’ after a series of bad experiences flogging cars to blokes
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The supercar instructor and grid girl’s post has been shared more than 44,000 times
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The 26-year-old took to Facebook and penned a hilarious advert which has now racked up more than 44,000 shares.

But despite the success of the post, she still hasn’t managed to shift her sibling’s motor.

The car enthusiast from Coventry, West Mids., posted: “So as my brother is away with work he has, for some reason, asked me to sell his car for him, (god only knows why anyone would ever ask me to do such a thing!) so here it goes…”

She then launches into describing the car in what she describes as “idiot terms”.

Alongside images of the car, she wrote: “This is a 59 plate (also known as 2009) Ford Fiesta – not a focus, not a clio and certainly not a flying carpet.

“The car is grey – don’t ask me what shade of grey it is, all I know is it’s a special colour changing paint as it looks black when it’s dark… as does everything else around it – funny that.

“It is a 1.6 tdci (a diesel) – it’s good on fuel – no this doesn’t mean you can throw a fiver in it, break down after 80 miles then ring me saying I lied about the fuel economy – use your noggin.


“The car is a three door – one door on the left, one door on the right and a tailgate to the rear – you may use any of those doors to enter and exit the vehicle if you want to mix things up a bit.

“The car is open to a full inspection – this can include: seeing which awfully cheap lowering springs you could order off eBay for it.

“How big the boot is to fit your sub-woofer in, which you’ll secure with a bungee and used red bull cans.

<img class="alignnone size-thesun-article-image wp-image-10084980" src="https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/NINTCHDBPICT000528928401.jpg?strip=all&w=960" alt="" width="960" height="131" /> <img class="alignnone size-thesun-article-image wp-image-10084979" src="https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/NINTCHDBPICT000528928413.jpg?strip=all&w=960" alt="" width="960" height="141" />
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“How many 99p blue bulbs you can fit into the interior lighting and of course, how many storage compartments there are to keep your grinder and 10bag for your career in herbal dealing.”

At the end, she added: “Last but not least, if you happen to be that absolute k***er who comes to view the car, realises I’m of the female kind and attempts to tell me how the car is broken in anyway shape or form, I promise to waste a minimum of 50 minutes of your time going along with your lies, purely for entertainment, s***s and giggles, making you think you’re going to get the car for half the price, followed by mid conversation, shaking your hand and kindly telling you to p*ss off.

“So yep… there you have it. Fiesta. Grey. Diesel. Goes brum. £2750”

Other social media users thought the post was hilarious.

Clare Weatherston commented: “That is first class, absolutely love it.”

Matthew Garbett wrote: “Love it .. that attitude not car .. fair play.”

Despite the viral post Laura still hasn’t managed to shift the ten-year-old motor
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