Clubber wakes up 100 miles from home surrounded by sheep with £400 bill after falling asleep in Uber after night out

Clubber wakes up 100 miles from home surrounded by sheep with £400 bill after falling asleep in Uber after night out

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A CLUBBER certainly had it large on Friday night – a large Uber bill totalling £400 that is – after he fell asleep in an Uber and woke up 100 miles from home.

Joseph Fergie, 20, had been enjoying a night out at the ATIK nightclub and decided to get an Uber back to his home in Leith in the early hours after it had shut.

Joseph wasn’t too happy about ending up miles from home
Instead of ending up at his home in Leith Joseph was actually in Kirkcudbright

It’s a distance of around two miles and the journey normally takes less than 15 minutes.

However the hapless call centre worker then fell asleep inside the cab having already sunk a fair few drinks.

He was then woken from his drunken slumber by the taxi driver at 8.30am to tell him he had arrived at his destination.

But instead of ending up outside his home he had been driven to Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway, more than 100 miles away from where he lives.

Joseph told the Daily Record: “I woke up still drunk and when I saw sheep kicking about the countryside – I thought the guy had taken me to Musselburgh.”

Musselburgh is a town in East Lothian on the coast of the Firth of Forth, five miles from Edinburgh’s city centre.

Once he’d realised just where he was he used Snapchat to tell his pals where he was and described it as the “strangest day of his life”.

He said: “I ended up telling all my pals about the situation and they just burst out laughing. They couldn’t believe what happened.”

Joseph then faced a frantic search to find a way to get home, not helped by his mobile which was running out of battery.

He had to hop on several buses and trains and eventually ended up back in Edinburgh at around 3.30pm on Saturday, more than 12 hours after the club had closed.

But Joseph is certainly a hardened party-goer and he said his unexpected road trip hadn’t put him off partying and said he would be still heading out on Saturday night even though he was out of pocket by £400.

Joseph said: “I’m still trying to piece together what exactly happened last night and I am chatting with Uber to see if they can help in any way.

“I’ve had never heard of Kirkcudbright before last night and I doubt I’ll be able to ever forget it now.”

Joseph used Shapchat to tell his mates where he was
Joseph had to get several buses and trains to get back to the Scottish capital
The dedicated clubber had fallen asleep in the back of an Uber
The hapless clubber had been having at night out at the ATIK club in Edinburgh
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