Mum whose son, 2, died in plunge from faulty first floor window after she turned her back for seconds reveals heartbreak as trolls call her ‘bad mother’

Mum whose son, 2, died in plunge from faulty first floor window after she turned her back for seconds reveals heartbreak as trolls call her ‘bad mother’

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THE heartbroken mum of a tragic toddler who died after falling from a faulty first-floor window says online trolls blaming her for his death are “like a dagger in my insides”.

Chelsey Wall’s two-year-old son T-Jay Dedman died of traumatic head injuries in hospital six days after the horror plunge on November 17 last year.

PA:Press Association

T-Jay Dedman with mum Chelsey Wall, who had left her son for just a few seconds before his horror fall[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Little T-Jay was found crying on the street with traumatic head injuries after plunging from a first-floor window[/caption]

The tot was found on the pavement by a horrified passerby outside a family friend’s house in Tuebrook, Liverpool.

But Ms Wall, 26, says heartless trolls have taunted her over her child’s death and branded her a bad mum.

She said: “To bury a child is the worst thing any mother can do.

“To have people then blaming me and calling me a bad mum was like a knife being twisted in my insides.


“T-Jay was my world. Now life will never be the same. But those trolls won’t break me.”

She added: “The comments were like a dagger being twisted in my insides. I loved my son, I’d never have intentionally put him in danger.”

An inquest at the city’s Gerard Majella Courthouse was told that mum Chelsey Wall had been with T-Jay and her friend’s three children while her pal was out at the shop.

Ms Wall who attended the inquest with her dad and brother, told how she tried to get T-Jay and her friend’s two-year-old to come out of the bedroom.

Little T-Jay had been playing on a rocking horse with the other toddler when Chelsey went downstairs to check on her pal’s seven-year-old daughter who was making a gingerbread house.


It was then that the panicked passerby knocked at the door to tell her that they had found little T-Jay crying in the street.

Ms Wall has now revealed that because of a thyroid problem she thought she wouldn’t be able to have children, but T-Jay was her “miracle, my bright, blue-eyed little boy.”

She said: “The moment he arrived he lit up my life. Everyone who met him loved him.

“He was such a loving child. Each morning he’d give me the biggest cuddle and he was a total loony.

“He’d sit in the bath with his ducks splashing me with water, giggling until he could hardly breathe.”

PA:Press Association

T-Jay fell from the first floor after climbing through a faulty window[/caption]

Ms Wall said on the day T-Jay fell, she answered the doorbell and a woman was standing pointing to the pavement.

She said the woman “looked worried and asked: “Is that your baby?””

Ms Wall added: “As I looked my mouth gaped open. T-Jay was lying face down on the pavement, crying.

“I was confused and asked her how he’d got there. I couldn’t understand it. The front door had been locked from the inside. It didn’t make any sense.”

She said she looked up and could see the box-room window 20ft above was open.


Ms Wall added: “Suddenly I felt sick. I screamed “T-Jay!” and rushed forward to scoop him up. I brought him back into the house and sat him on my lap.

“His head was flopping forwards and he was making little yelping noises. I told him it was “OK” and desperately tried to keep him awake.”

She went in the ambulance to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital with her son, who was taken for scans.

But a doctor said the tot had swelling on the brain and “it was now a waiting game”.

Ms Wall said: “In the morning he opened his big blue eyes and said “Mummy” and he reached out his little arms for a cuddle.”

I screamed as my legs buckled beneath me

Chelsey Wall

But after T-Jay’s brain swelled dangerously doctors had to perform surgery, and put the little boy in an induced coma.

On the fifth day, doctors told Ms Wall the swelling on T-Jay’s brain had doubled and if it carried on he would die.

She said: “I screamed as my legs buckled beneath me.”

Ms Wall put a pack of his favourite love heart sweets in T-Jay’s pyjamas, before doctors turned off the machines keeping T-Jay alive and he died in her arms on November 23.


She added: “‘My heart was breaking. I didn’t think my tears would ever stop.”

Ms Wall and T-Jay’s dad split up soon after her was born, and she had to face cruel online trolls attacking her on social media.

She said: “I couldn’t believe how cruel people could be as they taunted me and branded me a bad mum.”

At the inquest, coroner Andre Rebello said: “T-Jay had been playing in the bedroom and it is unclear how the window was open, however the window restrictor device was broken, enabling him to fall.”

The faulty window restrictor had been reported to the landlord in early November – but had still not been fixed by the time of of T-Jay’s fatal fall.

The coroner said: “This was an accident and I am going to record it as an accidental death.”

Mr Rebello told the family: “It is very difficult in two years to go from one of the happiest things you can do to have to bury a child.

“During that time there will have been so much joy and happiness that should never be forgotten because that was T-Jay, not the tragedy and trauma that has occurred since November.”

PA:Press Association

T-Jay fell from the first floor after climbing through a faulty window[/caption]

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