Mum, 30, found drunk in charge of her son, 6, headbutts cop after downing vodka and prosecco

Mum, 30, found drunk in charge of her son, 6, headbutts cop after downing vodka and prosecco

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A SOZZLED mum headbutted a cop who found her drunk in charge of her young son after necking vodka and prosecco with pals.

Hayley Flanagan, 30, had been boozing for several hours when she flew into a rage after discovering her son had seen his dad without her permission.

Hayley Flanagan headbutted a police officer after being drunk in charge of her son
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She launched into an explosive row with her mum and brother, who had both been looking the lad in Manchester while she drank with pals, MEN reports.

Flanagan’s mum then called cops, who attended and found the drunk mum outside the house holding her young son while screaming and shouting.

As officers arrived, the thug headbutted one – causing him to fall backwards in front of her “visibly upset” child.


Flanagan has now avoided jail after she admitted charges of being drunk in charge of a child aged under seven years and assault of an emergency worker at Manchester Magistrates’ Court.

She must instead complete four rehab days and 200 hours of unpaid work and pay the police officer £100 in compensation after JPs spared her jail because she was “sorry”.

The court heard how on September 15, Flanagan had downed vodka and prosecco with friends to mark the anniversary of another pal who had died the year before.

Shen then went to pick up her son when she became embroiled in the heated row on her mum’s doorstep.

Drunk in charge of a child – the law

Under the Licensing Act 1902, it is illegal to be drunk in charge of a child in a public place.

The law forbids being drunk on a highway, public place or any licensed premises while in charge of a child under the age of seven.

The crime can be punished by a fine or up to a month in prison.

Last year Russian billionaire heiress Nicole Ovchinnikova was cleared after being accused of going on a 17-hour booze binge while looking after a child.

Prosecutor Andrea Griffiths said: “She wasn’t in a fit state to look after the child.

“She was outside in the road, screaming more than shouting. She was clearly drunk. The child was visibly upset and scared.

“The defendant tried to walk away while police were asking if she was in a fit state to look after the child.

“She got about 75 metres away and continued to become more aggressive.

“The defendant headbutted the officer to the face, causing him to fall backwards.

“The officer describes being able to taste blood.”

In a victim impact statement, the officer revealed he had to explain to his family how he was injured “just from doing my job” after being taken to hospital for an x-ray.

He added: “I joined the police to keep people safe and make a difference.

“It’s infrequent that I’m faced with incidents like this, someone with a child who is prepared to attack me.”

Being drunk in charge of a child carries a sentence of up to a month in prison.

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