Moment motorist stuck in queue lambasts BMW driver for refusing to reverse to let bus past and using his phone at the wheel

Moment motorist stuck in queue lambasts BMW driver for refusing to reverse to let bus past and using his phone at the wheel

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THIS is the moment a brazen BMW driver ends up locked in a stand-off with a bus driver as he’s blasted by a furious motorist.

A man behind the wheel of the silver BMW is caught on camera as he refuses to move for a bus outside a primary school in Swansea.

The BMW driver was captured on camera using his phone while behind the wheel
The driver stopped in front of a bus outside a school in Swansea
Elliot Joseph captured the incident on camera

Fed-up motorist Elliot Joseph – who was caught up in the jam – got out of his car to video the driver and caught him on his phone behind the wheel outside Sketty Primary School in Swansea.

The BMW driver appears to have been trying to overtake a row of parked cars on his side of the road when he came across the bus – and refused to reverse back to allow it through.

Elliot, who posted the video online, is heard saying: “This man in his BMW could very easily go back, but instead he’s holding up a bus and to top it off a queue of cars, because he’s being selfish.”

During the row Elliot pulls him up for using his phone when the man in the BMW hits back: “Am I driving? Am I driving?”


Elliot responds: “An officer of the law would tell you, you’re sitting in a vehicle with the engine running,” before the motorist cuts in and says: “Are you an officer of the law?”

The two continue to bicker before Elliot threatens to “drag him out” and brands him a “f****** idiot .”

Elliot told The Sun Online: “I was caught in the traffic behind the bus.

“He did eventually move for the bus after another person in the queue started to speak to him.

“He told me: ‘If you had been polite to me, we wouldn’t be in this mess’.

“That mess had started before I got there and I was quite polite to begin with.

“I told him: ‘Come on man, we all have places to be’. To which he replied ‘I don’t give a f**k’.

“That’s when the camera came out. This was outside Sketty Primary School at 3pm.

“All the parents trying to pick up their kids, it’s stressful enough for them. They didn’t need this tool throwing his toys out of the pram.”

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