Tearful parents of brain-damaged Tafida Raqeeb, 5, to ‘plan the rest of her life’ after beating ‘death sentence’ at High Court

Tearful parents of brain-damaged Tafida Raqeeb, 5, to ‘plan the rest of her life’ after beating ‘death sentence’ at High Court

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LIFE-support legal battle child Tafida Raqeeb had a “death sentence” lifted on Thursday as the High Court told doctors she must be kept alive.

The brain-damaged five-year-old’s parents won a landmark case to keep her machine switched on.

Tafida Raqeeb, 5, had a ‘death sentence’ lifted at the High Court
Tafida Raqeeb is currently in a ‘minimally conscious state’ and on life-support at a hospital in London

Andrew Styczynski – The Sun

Parents Shelina Begum, 38, and Mohammed Raqeeb, 45, won a legal landmark case[/caption]

Tafida could now be flown to a specialist hospital in Italy as soon as next week.

She has been in a coma in a “minimally-conscious state” at The Royal London Hospital with catastrophic brain injuries.

Docs argued keeping her alive was futile and not in her interests as she would never fully recover.

But the court was told she eventually could get better and it heard last month she might survive 20 years on life-support.


Parents Shelina Begum, 38, and Mohammed Raqeeb, 45, whose cause was backed by The Sun, wept with joy at the verdict.

Mohammed, a construction consultant, said: “We can get on with planning the rest of Tafida’s life.”

Family lawyer Paul Conrathe added: “Her parents feared they would hear a death sentence today but instead she has been given an opportunity to live.”

Solicitor Shelina thanked our readers for supporting her fight.

She said: “We are deeply grateful to The Sun and its readers for the wonderful support you have given Tafida and her family.

“The care and concern you have shown to us serves as a fine example of good journalism.”

Tafida collapsed at home in Plaistow, East London, in February from a rare condition. Now her parents have succeeded where other families failed in similar cases.

Muslim pro-life campaigner Dr Majid Katme said: “It is going to shake up the medical establishment and mean more notice will be taken of parents’ wishes.”

The hospital was expected to request an appeal.

Genoa’s Gaslini hospital says Tafida needs time for the brain to repair itself.

Shelina is raising money for her girl’s £300,000 care at www.gofundme.com/f/save-tafida

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Tafida fell ill after blood vessels in her brain ruptured at home in Newham, East London, in February[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Tafida has been in a ‘minimally-conscious state’ at The Royal London Hospital[/caption]

PA:Press Association

Mum Shelina Begum, pictured today, was relieved after the High Court’s ruling[/caption]

The girl’s dad, pictured this morning, was also thrilled with the result
PA:Press Association

David New – The Sun

The parents want Tafida flown to a specialist hospital in Italy as soon as next week[/caption]

Tafida’s case ‘is going to shake up the medical establishment’, a Muslim campaigner said
News Group Newspapers Ltd

PA:Press Association

Tafida’s parents claim she is showing signs of recovery and could live 20 years on a ventilator[/caption]

Shelina Begum travels to Genoa,Italy, to visit the Gaslini Children's hospital
Shelina Begum travelled with The Sun to Genoa, Italy, to visit the Gaslini Children’s hospital
News Group Newspapers Ltd
Mum Shelina thanked The Sun readers for supporting her fight
News Group Newspapers Ltd

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