Faces of Brit ISIS fighters who could return to the UK from monster who led execution of five ‘Brit spies’ to ‘matchmaker’ mum who recruited teen girls

Faces of Brit ISIS fighters who could return to the UK from monster who led execution of five ‘Brit spies’ to ‘matchmaker’ mum who recruited teen girls

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SHE’S the gun-toting mum who recruited teen girls to ISIS, praised the Paris terror attacks that killed 131 as “beautiful”, and once dubbed Britain a “filthy country”.

Yet former clubber Tooba Gondal, from London, is now among hundreds of British ISIS supporters and family members whom America is demanding the UK bring back from Syria.

“ISIS matchmaker” Tooba Gondal is now living in a Syrian refugee camp
The gun-toting mum of two wants to come back to the UK

At least 900 Brits fled to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq during the caliphate’s reign of terror, and while hundreds have already returned home, there are still hundreds in Syria.

Now the US is demanding that London repatriate its 600 former jihadis and their relatives living in Syrian refugee camps following the Islamic State’s collapse earlier this year.

The Trump administration is determined to shut down the nation’s giant ISIS camps, where Kurdish troops are struggling to keep order and disease-ridden children are dying.

They warn ISIS fighters could escape and “permeate Europe” if not brought back to their home countries to be put on trial – as the UK strips more and more jihadis of their citizenship.

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The US wants to repatriate British ISIS supporters. Above, a refugee camp in Syria[/caption]

US defence secretary Mark Esper also recently called for ISIS fighters caged in Syria to be brought back home to “face justice”, describing the current situation as “untenable”.

Yet America’s demands have divided the Cabinet.

While Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab supports the idea of a repatriation – and has been backed by MI6 chiefs – Home Secretary Priti Patel is leading firm Cabinet opposition to it.

Terrorism expert Dr Paul Stott tells Sun Online that returning fighters can pose a serious threat to UK security “because they have military training [and] combat experience””

“The UK has taken back some former fighters, and there have been a few successful prosecutions. We have also – correctly – looked to block dual nationals from returning by cancelling their British citizenship,” he says.

“But that still leaves potentially several dozen Britons, in Kurdish custody, who can’t stay there for ever.

“It is not at all clear what happens next.”

Below, as the US piles pressure on the UK and other European countries to take action, we look at the Brits who fled to join ISIS – but could soon be back in our country.

The ISIS gravedigger and his jihadi wife

Dad-of-five Shahan Choudhury, 32, from London, is an ISIS gravedigger who buried scores of bloodied dead bodies as the Syrian town of Baghouz became a “slaughterhouse”.

A former suspect in a gang murder, Choudhury vanished from his flat overnight in 2014 and headed to Syria – because, he claims, he was simply “curious” about ISIS.

He was later joined by his wife and their young children. It has been reported that the family may have used housing benefit payments to fund their journey.

Shahan Choudhury buried scores of bloodied dead bodies in Syria

Once in Syria, Choudhury is accused of using social media to urge other British Muslims to carry out terror attacks in the UK and became an Islamic State gravedigger.

Now caged in a secret Syrian prison for male ISIS fighters, he recently told ITV: “Somebody has to bury the dead people, who’s going to do that? There were dead bodies everywhere.”

He added that Baghouz “was a complete slaughterhouse” in ISIS’s final days.

Despite claiming that he didn’t actually fight for the terror group, Choudhury, now 32, didn’t reveal what he’d been doing before he took on his grisly gravedigger role.

But he did say he’d made a “mistake” by coming to Syria.

“I don’t think I have any future… most probably I’ll be in prison for the rest of my life so I don’t have any hope,” he said, seemingly resigned to never returning to Britain.

What would a Brit repatriation involve?

The US has long demanded that Britain repatriate its ISIS fighters and jail them in the UK – but US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently stepped up the demand to include their relatives as well.

Ben Wallace highlighted the complex issues involved with repatriating British ISIS fighters and their families this week.

“Under international law, I can’t just swoop into a country and grab someone… unless they come under extradition,” he said.

“It’s not as straightforward as just flying into those countries and picking people up, because the first thing that will happen when they do come back for trial, the defence will be – we won’t be able to convict them.”

Mr Wallace’s comments come as police are said to be building criminal cases against ISIS supporters in Syrian camps, in the hope they can be arrested, put on trial and locked up as soon as they enter Britain.

The bouncy castle salesman-turned-executioner

Former bouncy castle salesman Siddhartha Dhar, 36, is an ISIS executioner who was filmed leading the barbaric killing of five shackled men accused of being spies for the UK.

He was even seen threatening then-prime minister David Cameron – whom he called an “imbecile” before shooting a prisoner in the back of the head in cold blood.

Dhar, from Walthamstow, east London, converted to Islam in his teens and was lured into extremism by hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s banned Al-Muhajiroun group.

He renamed himself Abu Rumaysah, openly defended ISIS and in 2014, managed to flee undetected by coach to Paris and on to Syria with his pregnant wife and four kids.

Once in Syria, Dhar, dubbed “Jihadi Sid”, was pictured brandishing a rifle and accused of sickening crimes – including kidnapping a Yazidi refugee and raping others.

“Jihadi Sid” was filmed leading the barbaric killing of five shackled men accused of being spies for the UK

Despite earlier rumours that Dhar was killed in a drone strike, these have not been confirmed – and may even have been spread by the terrorist himself.

Dr Stott explains: “It was never going to be easy for him to slip under the radar of the authorities.

“It is possible he sought to use that fame to his advantage, by getting associates to spread rumours he had died, potentially allowing him to leave Syria for another combat zone.”

In similar cases, ‘missing’ or ‘dead’ jihadis have been tracked down in refugee camps and prisons.

The AK-47-toting ‘ISIS matchmaker’

Brit mum Tooba Gondal is a former AK-47-toting ISIS bride who groomed jihadi brides, taunted UK cops on social media, and bragged about living a life of “real freedom”.

She is even rumoured to have recruited Shamima Begum into the Islamic State.

The daughter of a successful businessman, Gondal previously enjoyed a western lifestyle – including clubbing – but fled her east London home to join ISIS in 2015 aged 22.

Gondal left the UK aged 22 and became a key ISIS recruiter
Gondal claims she is living in “dire conditions” in the refugee camp

Dubbed the “ISIS matchmaker”, Gondal used to be married to a key Islamic State recruiter, Abu Abbas Al-Lubnani, who offered cash incentives to teen girls via a UK-based cell.

Al-Lubnani was killed in fighting in August 2015.

Now aged 25, Gondal is reported to be living in Ayn Issa camp with her two young kids following a failed escape bid from then-ISIS-held Baghouz village to the Turkish border.

“I want to face justice in a British court,” she moaned. “I wish to redeem myself. I would like Britain to accept my apology and to give me another chance.”

She is the daughter of a successful businessman
Shamima Begum is thought to be among her recruits

Fast food-loving jihadi dubbed “Hungry Hamza”

Fast food-loving jihadi Hamza Parvez, 25, has appeared in ISIS propaganda videos, encouraged others to join the death cult, and once hailed the “golden era of jihad”.

Dubbed “Hungry Hamza”, he was teased by fellow jihadis for his bulging waistline – and whined about missing KFC and Nandos while in Syria.

Parvez, originally from north west London, joined ISIS aged 20 in 2014 – around the time the terror group seized Fallujah, in Iraq, and Raqqa, in Syria, at the height of its power.

He soon became known for his bizarre online posts, including one of him eating ice cream in Mosul. In another, he declared the UK was “not the land for us.”

Hamza Parvez once hailed the “golden era of jihad”
Parvez is pictured eating ice cream in ISIS-controlled Mosul

In an exclusive interview with Sun Online last week, he claimed he himself worked as security for mosques in Baghouz, where many people were slaughtered and forced into sexual slavery.

He also said he felt no guilt over his role in the group’s deadly reign of terror.

“I would have guilt [for joining ISIS] if I had personally committed a crime, by my own actions, by my own tongue, from my actions,”the former police cadet said.

“I don’t think I can [be] judged by my own actions.”

Dr Stott tells Sun Online that Parvez’s claims are “the latest in a long line of excuses and distractor flares by British jihadis who have been detained on, or near the battlefield by our Kurdish allies”.

“If he did not fight for any of the jihadist groups in Syria, what was he doing there?” he asks.

“Jihad is not a spectator sport for young men of fighting age.”

The former ISIS member was interviewed at a Kurdish prison in Syria where he’s being held

The schoolgirl who fled with Shamima Begum

Schoolgirl Amira Abase fled from Bethnal Green, east London, to Syria in February 2015, along with notorious ISIS bride Begum and their pal Kadiza Sultana.

Her whereabouts remains a mystery, though there were reports she may have been killed in an airstrike.

Amira Abase fled East London with three schoolpals in 2015 to join ISIS
Abase, Kadiza Sultana and Shamima Begum are seen at Gatwick Airport in February 2015

Earlier this year, Abase’s dad, Abase Hussen, declared that his daughter and Begum, who was then heavily pregnant, should be allowed to come home because they pose “no threat”.

But the Home Secretary told The Sun on Sunday it was “quite reassuring” to see Begum, now 19, was still in Syria and declared: “Our job is to keep our country safe.”

“We cannot have people who would do us harm allowed to enter our country – and that includes this woman,” she added.

Abase’s dad, Abase Hussen, says his daughter should be allowed to return to the UK
The Sun

The ice cream salesman “willing to die for ISIS”

Aseel Muthana went from an ice cream salesman in Wales to an ISIS supporter in Syria, where he is said to have become a prolific recruiter for the terror group.

Aseel Muthan is said to have become a prolific recruiter for ISIS

Aseel was recently tracked down to a hellhole prison in northern Syria by ITV News – where he is packed in with thousands of men and boys.

Now aged 22, he says he misses his mother Umm Amin and wants to return home.

In a message to his mum, he urged her to “try to stay strong”, adding: “What’s happened has happened and we both believe in Allah and we believe that Allah will make a way out.”

He is crammed in with 7,000 other prisoners in hellish conditions in Syria

Aseel – who was one of the first British recruits to join ISIS – claimed he initially thought he would be helping poverty-stricken Syrians by fighting on their behalf when he fled to Syria.

He described his move overseas as being “before all of these beheading videos”.

She has now urged Britain to bring him back. “My little boy went seduced [by ISIS] and brainwashed with ideas that were not his,” she claimed.

The “skilled” bomber

Aseel’s brother Nasser taught his younger brother about jihad and featured heavily in an ISIS recruitment video.

Once a promising medical student, Nasser left Cardiff for Syria in 2013 and rose to become one of the UK’s most high-profile – and boastful – ISIS fighters.

He previously posted a photo online showing a stash of homemade bombs.

Nasser Muthana from Cardiff has bragged about being a skilled jihadi
Nasser Muthana, from Cardiff, featured heavily in an ISIS recruitment video
Nasser was once a promising medical student
Wales News Service
The tweet where he bigs up his jihadi prowess
The tweet where he bigs up his bomb-making “skills”

Now in his mid-20s, he is among the UK’s most wanted and has even been subjected to United Nations sanctions, involving a travel ban and the freezing of his assets.

He’s previously been rumoured to be dead following an air strike.

But if, like his brother, Nasser ends up being discovered alive, languishing in a Syrian prison, he and his terrifying “skills” could end up being brought back to Britain.

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