Shocking moment topless man is knocked out by sucker punch in front of screaming women outside William Hill

Shocking moment topless man is knocked out by sucker punch in front of screaming women outside William Hill

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A TOPLESS man crumpled to the ground after he was knocked out by a single sucker punch in front of screaming women.

The man struggled to move his limbs seconds before he fell unconscious outside Darlington, County Durham’s William Hill in broad daylight.

This is the shocking moment a man was knocked out after he was sucker punched
Screaming onlookers ran to try and chase the attacker, who striked the man out of nowhere

He had been fighting another man, who was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, in front of dozens of onlookers.

It is not known how long they had been brawling for, but a shocking two minute video starts with the pair scuffling and grappling in a bid to land the perfect strike.

Women who apparently know the pair, scream as the men continue to pull each other across the street.

At one point, the shirted man almost knocks the topless man’s head into a shop wall, prompting a loud “Ooof” scream from the growing crowd.

As the topless man appears to have the upper hand, a woman wearing a yellow puffer jacket shouts “Ollie get off of him”, as she tries to drag him from his opponent.

But they get up, screaming at each other “Come on them! Come on”.


The camera accidentally jolts, providing a glimpse of dozens of onlookers who have stopped to watch the street fight.

Instead of stopping the fight, a man can be heard telling another: “Watch his bike, watch his bike”, ordering the lad to move it away so the pair can have more space to fight.

For at least 30 seconds the pair insult each other, with people from the crowd encouraging the fight adding: “Go on then, go on.”

Clearly wanting the fight to progress, the woman in the yellow jacket can be heard pointing at the man wearing a t-shirt, appearing to order him to “knock him out”.

She said: “Go on Liam! Go on! Liam bat him, bat him!”

But out of nowhere, a man clad in a black outfit strikes the topless man, sending him flying to the ground.

Fearing for his life, women try to drag the topless man away, but realising he cannot move one shrieks: “Someone call an ambulance!”

Before the video ends, the camera lands in a Primark shopping bag, clearly the women had been shopping before the fight took place.

The video was posted yesterday and has since been viewed more than 800 times.

It is not known what caused the fight, or the current state of the man’s condition.

A woman screams at the other man to ‘bat’ the topless man, in an apparent bid to keep the fight moving
The street brawl took place outside William Hill on Darlington town street corner

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