Prince Harry ‘refused to consult Prince Charles and William’ before launching explosive rant about coverage of Meghan Markle

Prince Harry ‘refused to consult Prince Charles and William’ before launching explosive rant about coverage of Meghan Markle

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PRINCE Harry went “rogue” in his fight with the Press as senior royals were not warned about his extraordinary rant, it was claimed last night.

He apparently refused to consult dad Charles and brother William, who were only “informed” as his outburst was published on Tuesday night.

Paul Edwards – The Sun

Prince Harry is said to have gone ‘rogue’ when he launched an attack on the Mail on Sunday over its coverage of Meghan Markle[/caption]


It’s claimed he kept Charles and William in the dark, as they were only informed of his bombshell attack when it was published[/caption]

Harry, 35, wrote it himself with no guidance from Buckingham Palace or his team of senior advisers.

It was also thought the Queen was not consulted — although Harry’s communications secretary insisted that she had been informed.

Writing on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new official website, Harry said the couple had been forced to sue the Mail on Sunday.

Meghan, 38, claims it unlawfully published a private letter to her father Thomas Markle detailing her pain at their estrangement.


Harry’s bombshell statement overshadowed the end of the couple’s successful southern African tour, which ended last night.

Critics raised questions over its timing, said to have followed “specific legal advice”.

Harry’s spokesman said the case had been in the works for “many months”.

However he had another six years to launch the claim. Experts believe law firm Schillings filed it now to “cause maximum impact”.

But a royal source said: “This is not the done thing on a royal tour, when the principals are representing the Queen and country.

“I can’t imagine the Queen will be very impressed.”

Of Meghan, Harry said he was “witness to her private suffering for too long” and accused the Press of waging a “ruthless campaign”.

He even said the positive publicity the couple had enjoyed on their ten-day trip exposed its “double standards”.


The Mail on Sunday publisher Associated Newspapers said it “stands by the story it published and will be defending this case vigorously”.

It added: “Specifically, we categorically deny that the Duchess’s letter was edited in any way that changed its meaning.”

Royal experts last night criticised Harry’s rant as “over-emotional” and a “monumental misjudgment”.

Sussex Official

Harry released a lengthy rant online without consulting Buckingham Palace or his team of senior advisers[/caption]

Duo using star firm

HARRY and Meghan, who claimed yesterday that they believed “in media freedom”, are using notorious law firm Schillings to spearhead their privacy dogfight.

The London outfit is the go-to company for stars trying to keep secrets safe — and it has won dozens of injunction.

However, in 2009 it saw a super-injunction thrown out relating to a fling by then England captain John Terry.

Five stories you had a right to read…but they hated

Cottage refurb bill

Earlier this year Harry and Meghan spent £2.4million of taxpayers’ cash on a Frogmore Cottage refurb

TAXPAYERS will have forked out nearly £3million on Harry and Meghan’s Frogmore Cottage home by the time work is finished.

Officials tried to downplay costs with estimates of £1.5million.

But accounts released in June revealed refurbishing the Windsor property had cost £2.4million in the financial year to April alone.

Eco hypocrisy

The Sun covered the ‘eco-conscious’ couple’s journeys using gas-guzzling private jets

ECO-warriors Harry and Meg claim to be passionate environmentalists — but still took four private jet flights in 11 days.

They flew to Ibiza on August 6, returned to the UK on August 12, flew to Elton John’s pad in Nice two days later and returned to Britain on August 17 — all on a gas-guzzling private plane.

Elton’s holiday gift

Splash News

Elton John later claimed he had ‘offset’ the couple’s carbon footprint with a large donation to an eco firm[/caption]

ROCKETMAN Elton said he paid for the couple’s jet to Nice and “offset” their carbon footprint by donating to an eco firm.

The company, called Carbon Footprint, said it worked with 17 governments to cancel out emissions with tree planting schemes.

But the Cabinet Office denied working with them.

Yacht a liberty

We reported on Harry’s speech at a Google climate retreat, which was attended by celebs who had travelled there on 114 private jets and super-yachts

THE carbon-producing jaunt came days after a reportedly bare-footed Harry gave a speech at a Google climate retreat in Italy.

It was attended by celebrities who had arrived there on a total of 114 private jets and super-yachts.

Harry was himself said to have stayed onboard a huge gas-guzzling yacht.

£300k baby shower

Splash News

The Sussexes also didn’t like the coverage of Meghan’s pricey £300k baby shower[/caption]

MEGHAN also took a private plane to New York for a lavish £300,000 baby shower with pals.

She was said to have taken a £95,000 private jet to the bash at prestigious hotel The Mark.

Four months later Harry said he and Meghan would only have two children “maximum” — to help protect the environment.

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