Moment ‘drunk and angry worker’ pulled from digger after ‘destroying boss’s £80k Range Rover and lorry cab in rage’

Moment ‘drunk and angry worker’ pulled from digger after ‘destroying boss’s £80k Range Rover and lorry cab in rage’

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DRAMATIC video shows the moment an “angry worker took revenge” by using a digger to demolish an HGV and his boss’s £80,000 Range Rover.

The worker, who bosses accused of being drunk, used the huge machine to smash the cab of the lorry as well as the luxury car at the demolition company site in Bradford.

Footage shows the man using a digger to damage a lorry cab at the yard in Bradford
His bosses £80,000 Range Rover was destroyed after the incident
His colleagues tried to wrestle him out of the digger

Footage then shows furious workers jump on to the moving digger to haul him from the cab and pin him to the ground.

The owners of the yard, Thomas Crompton Demolition, said today only the bravery of their staff stopped lives being lost.

A relative of the rogue driver claimed the man suffered two broken ribs as he hauled out of the cab and that staff had been too rough.

The man is said to have been furious at being sent home for allegedly being under the influence of drink and drugs.


He is said to have returned and used his own set of keys to get access to the digger.

The shocking clip was filmed on Saturday and CCTV footage starts by showing partly off-screen the wreckage of a black Range Rover being dropped by the digger.

The machine is then driven over to an HGV and the bucket is dropped on to the roof, immediately crushing it. The bucket is dropped again and used to inflict yet more damage to the crushed cab.

Shocked workers can then be seen running towards the digger, which is moving, presenting a serious risk of crushing them.

Another video, filmed on a mobile, shows the damage being inflicted to the lorry, followed by scenes of furious workers physically hauling the man out of the cab and pinning him to the ground.

The clip does not show you half of what he destroyed. He was fighting like mad to keep control of the machine.

Thomas Crompton Demolition

A fellow employee can be heard saying: “What is he doing, the daft c***?”

Four men then try and wrestle him from the digger, with one person shouting: “Punch me and I’ll rip your f***ing head off.”

Another person shouts “get the f*** out” and he is thrown to ground and pinned down.

The person in the digger then says: “I know I’m in trouble, I don’t give a f***” as others on the site scream “get the police”.

A woman claiming to be the rogue driver’s daughter complained his colleagues had been too rough.

She wrote: “Who the f** are those in the machine with him because you’re f****** bang out of order doing that to my dad, giving him broken ribs.


“You two have made things ten times worse.

“I know and he knows he was in the wrong but could have been dealt with in a better way so keep your comments to yourself.”

Crompton’s deals in demolition, heavy plant hire waste removal and road sweeping, among other services.

A spokeswoman for Thomas Crompton today said: “This man was determined to destroy lives and machinery, had it not been for the actions of someone on site jumping onto the moving machine and pulling down on the deadman lever, despite being punched and wrestled, lives would have been lost.

“We are thankful that nobody lost their lives or their legs.

“This driver did not know if anyone one was in these vehicles he was destroying. People were in front of the machine, telling him to stop yet he continued heading towards them.”

She added: “The driver had been sent home at 7.00am as he was not fit for work due to drink and drugs.

“He used his own keys to gain entry to the digger. We operate a zero tolerance to drink and drugs, he returned at 10.18am to carry out the destruction.

“The clip does not show you half of what he destroyed. He was fighting like mad to keep control of the machine.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “We are aware of the video and are looking into it.”

The men grabbed him and dragged him to the ground
The workers eventually pinned him to the ground
The Range Rover was completely destroyed on Saturday

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