Jilted bride spent £10k on wedding before ex-fiance ‘secretly pulled plug with days to go having never booked venue’

Jilted bride spent £10k on wedding before ex-fiance ‘secretly pulled plug with days to go having never booked venue’

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A JILTED bride claims she spent £10,000 on her dream wedding before discovering her ex-fiance had pulled the plug on their big day with just days to go having never booked the venue.

Rosanna Thomas, 25, from Aberdare, Wales, says she only found out the ceremony was off when their wedding photographer got in touch four days before.

Mercury Press

Rosanna Thomas with the wedding dress she never got to wear[/caption]

Mercury Press

Gavin Hall and Rosanna Thomas had been dating for around 10 months when their wedding plans ended in heartache[/caption]

The mum-of-two told The Sun Online she went on to discover the £7,000 fairytale barn venue fiance Gavin Hall, 35, promised her had never even been even been booked.

She had already blown £10,000 on her dress, flowers and other wedding essentials and let her relatives take out a loan to help her with the costs.

The couple met on Tinder last September and enjoyed a whirlwind romance before Rosanna’s world came crashing down in July.

She has since given birth to their daughter Daisy Eve, who is now three weeks old.

Rosanna says after finding out she was pregnant, Gavin promised he’d buy her a house and give her the wedding of her dreams.

She said: “I was happy. I thought it was love at first sight. He treated me well in the beginning.

“I thought he was the one after all my other experiences.”


Four days before the wedding was due to take place, Rosanna received a phone call from the photographer saying the venue hadn’t been paid for and his booking had been cancelled.

Rosanna, who lives at home with her mum, Lindsey, 50, says Gavin insisted he’d paid the £7k and even made a fake bank statement to prove it.

The stay-at-home mum said: “He showed me bank statement he’d faked, I didn’t question it.

“He said the money got lost on the way to the venue but my mum watched him make the phone call to the venue and the bank and said he was way too calm.

“Mums know. You aren’t calm when you’ve lost £7k.

“She was suspicious and she had a word with me, that’s when I started asking questions.

I screamed at him to tell me the truth and he was forced to confess, there was no money and no wedding.

Rosanna Thomas

“I asked him to phone them in front of me. I found out after checking his phone later that he just called one of his own numbers and was on the phone to no one, having fake conversations.

“These weren’t short conversations, he would laugh and joke, give his date of birth.

“I screamed at him to tell me the truth and he was forced to confess, there was no money and no wedding. I ended it there and then.

“I was distraught. I had family from Lincoln and Norfolk travelling miles for the wedding.

“I would understand if I said I wanted a wedding and a house but I never did, it was all him.

“He could have stopped it anytime and said there’s no money, no wedding and that might have made it a bit easier and I might not have a wedding dress hanging on the back of my door.”

Rosanna has now been left to flog her dress, bridesmaids dresses and other wedding gear online in a bit to claw her money back.

She claims the ‘compulsive liar’ said he’d bought a house earlier this year but changed the moving date three times.

Rosanna has been left to flog her wedding gear online
Her family took out a loan so she could have her dream wedding
But she is now struggling to get out of debt after her big day collapsed in a web of lies

The former retail worker said she thought the current owners had been messing him around but now believes the house was a fantasy.

She says the British Gas employee also convinced her to give up her job after she became pregnant, saying he had been promoted and could afford to look after her.

But despite having been left £10,000 in debt, she insists Gavin, who she no longer has any contact with, was ‘the biggest lesson of her life’.

She said: “I’ve got so much hate for him but it’s been the biggest lesson of my life, I’ll never be able to trust anyone. I’ll always question everything.

“I’m trying to stay positive, I’m only 24, my credit score is ruined but I can build it back up, I’ll have the loan paid off eventually and I got a daughter out of it.

“He knew the wedding wasn’t going ahead but he let my family take the loan out anyway.


“My daughter is three weeks old and I’m looking for a job to make sure my family have a roof over their heads.

“I thought he was genuine, I had no suspicions.”

The Sun Online has contacted Gavin Hall on several occasions but he has not responded to requests for comment.

Mercury Press

Rosanna says she has now been left thousands of pounds in debt after shelling out for her big day[/caption]

Mercury Press

She paid out for a dress, suits and other wedding items[/caption]

Mercury Press

Rosanna with son Elijah, five, and daughter Daisy Eve, who was born last month[/caption]

Mercury Press

Rosanna said her two children have given her the motivation to keep going[/caption]

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