Dog owner buys her pet Bella a roast dinner as a ‘treat’ after four-mile run– but not everyone’s convinced

Dog owner buys her pet Bella a roast dinner as a ‘treat’ after four-mile run– but not everyone’s convinced

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A DOG owner bought her pet Springer Spaniel Bella a roast dinner as a “treat” – but not everyone’s convinced.

Leanne Rimmer, from Liverpool, posted the adorable snap of her pooch enjoying the gravy-laden dinner after a four mile walk.

Leanne Rimmer/Facebook

Springer spaniel Bella enjoyed the roast dinner after a four mile walk[/caption]

Leanne Rimmer/Facebook

The cute pictures have divided the internet[/caption]

Leanne wrote on Facebook: “Little treat after our four mile run today, we was stuck in traffic for over an hour so pulled into a pub to feed us both.

“Breakfast for me & roast for Bella, asked for extra meat of course!”

Some owners praised her for the cheeky picture.

Andrea Gregory said: “Our dogs always had what we were having whether it was a Sunday roast, bolognese with mushrooms, onion and garlic or even a curry.

“Never did them any harm and they all lived happy, long lives.

But others gave Leanne a roasting.

Warren Dunkeld said: “Gravy to a dog no no no!!!”

Laura Fox replied: “Why no gravy. Mine has a bit on his kibble now and again for a bit of variation and he’s never been poorly. Is it the salt?? My gravy is low sodium??”

Warren Dunkeld said: “Always got told by a vet not to coz it’s like poison to them??? “Was hoping someone on here say the same.”


Michelle Fearn said: “How can gravy be poisonous? It’s only juices from the meat/bone and salt and flour.

“Our girls always have gravy with their sunday dinners.”

Tracy Knowles said: “It’s the salt that’s an issue. Too much, salt can interfere with your kidneys.

“Potassium levels can shoot up, and can cause kidney failure…. Can happen with humans if we don’t drink enough it becomes concentrated.

“With animals they should get enough salt out of their natural diet. Giving gravy etc with salt added can cause issues.”

Ro-Ro Bartier fumed: “Maybe next time no gravy as way too much salt in it and you don’t know how much salt is in the yorkshire pud or the veg!”

Diane White said: “I’ll probably get shouted down for this, but sorry, I think it’s wrong to allow your dog to eat off pub plates!

“Yes, our dog eats of plates in our house on occasions and yes, we take him to a local pub on lovely summer evenings and buy him a meal BUT we put it in his own collapsible dish that we take with us.”

Jessica Austin added: “The pub shouldn’t be doing it or allowing it.. massive environmental health breech.”

Leanne Rimmer/Facebook

Leanne bought the delicious dinner as a treat for her pup[/caption]

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