Moment pubgoer rugby tackles fugitive and pins him down with Uber Eats cyclist in dramatic police chase

Moment pubgoer rugby tackles fugitive and pins him down with Uber Eats cyclist in dramatic police chase

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THIS is the dramatic moment an Uber Eats cyclist and have-a-go hero rugby tackles a fugitive biker during a police chase in Dundee.

Dashcam footage shows the motorcyclist come hurtling round the corner as he’s pursued by a cop car through the city streets.

This is the moment the suspect fell off his bike and ran
The suspect was rugby tackled by a have-a-go-hero outside a pub

He’s then sent flying from the Yamaha as he tries to avoid a head-on crash with a white vehicle coming the other way.

The rogue biker then quickly leaps to his feet before sprinting off as the boys in blue give chase.

Seconds later, an Uber Eats rider – with a food delivery on his back – comes whizzing round the corner and starts chasing the suspect on foot.

The man can then be seen running back in the same direction before he’s met by a punter outside a pub, who sets himself in a rugby stance before slamming the fugitive to the ground with a hefty tackle.

The pub-goer and Uber cyclist then hold the man down before cops arrive and apprehend him.

The video was shared by Twitter user @CJ2020, saying: “Dash cam captures the moment a pursuit involving a moped comes to an end in Dundee.”

Cops confirmed incident happened on South Tay Street and West Port on Friday September 27.

It’s gone viral with almost 2,000 shares and over 3,000 likes on Facebook, and been viewed over 100,000 times.

One person commented: “Brilliant. Just outside my work!”

Another said: “Good going lads and to the police involved.”

While a third replied: “That tackle! Whoa! Well done!”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers in Dundee attempted to stop an orange Yamaha motorcycle near the West Port roundabout around 4.15pm on Friday 23 August, 2019.

“A 23-year-old man was subsequently arrested in the South Tay Street area and has been charged in connection with road traffic offences.

“A report was submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

The Uber Eats rider jumped off his bike

Are you the Uber Eats cyclist or the have-a-go hero? Please contact the Scottish Sun – email [email protected] or call 0141 420 5200


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