Cop suspended after being filmed vaping and calling CID detectives “c***s in disguise” while guarding major crime scene

Cop suspended after being filmed vaping and calling CID detectives “c***s in disguise” while guarding major crime scene

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A COP has been suspended after being caught on film vaping and calling CID detectives C***s In Disguise.

The uniformed officer branded them lazy and said they were always found sat behind their desks drinking cups of tea.

Cop suspended after being caught vaping and calling CID ‘c***s in disguise’
The unnamed officer was on duty at a city-centre stabbing in Bradford, West Yorkshire

He sucked on a vape during his bizarre rant while manning a police cordon after a city-centre stabbing in Bradford, West Yorks., on Thursday.

The unnamed officer said: “You know what we call them, CID? C***s In Disguise. That’s what we call them. That’s what they are, they’re a set of c***s.

“They think they’re something different.That lad up there, he’s fairly new, he’s only got about two years in.

“What they do now is when they come in new they do attachments with all the departments and they get to see what everybody does.

CID ‘C***S’

“So he gives it: ‘On my CID attachment, if there were like major jobs coming in and there were bobbies stood on the scene, they were like ‘f*** that we’ll have a cup of tea first’.

“That’s their sort of attitude. They were trying to like shonk stuff off and then go ‘right, cup of tea time again’ and that’s what they’re like.

“That’s why we hate them.”

The unnamed officer was stationed on the cordon after a woman was stabbed in the street four times in a targeted attack.

They think they’re something different. That’s why we hate them

Unnamed police officer

When another local resident who stopped to talk walked off with her dog he joked: “I thought she was going to stay here.

“I was going to say ‘do you mind standing here with this hat on, I’m going to grab some grub because I’m f***ing starving’.”

Last night, Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams, West Yorkshire Police Lead for Professional Standards, said an investigation had been launched into the cop.

She added: “This officer has been immediately removed from all frontline duties and contact with the public and an urgent investigation has been started by our Professional Standards Directorate.

“We and the public, expect the highest standards from all our officers and staff.

“I am dismayed and disappointed at the footage I have seen, which does not show the officer acting as I and the public expect or want.”

The vaping cop lets rip as he is secretly filmed


He was removed from frontline duties after Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams said she was ‘dismayed and disappointed’ by the video[/caption]

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