Barclays executive, 51, battered his wife, 49, to death with crowbar after ‘years of abuse’

Barclays executive, 51, battered his wife, 49, to death with crowbar after ‘years of abuse’

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A BANKING exec “snapped” and bludgeoned his wife to death with a crowbar after suffering years of her abuse, a court heard.

David Pomphret, 50, told cops he found horse-loving Ann Marie Pomphret, 49, lying dead in a pool of blood with “her head beaten in” after going to search for her.

Mr Pomphret is on trial accused to killing his wife with a crowbar
The court heard Mrs Pomphret abused her husband over the years

The Barclays Bank associate vice president rang for help at her stables but allegedly refused to perform CPR saying, “she’s stone cold.”

He was encouraged to try and help but responded: “Are you joking?”

He said: “There is brain and blood everywhere and it looks like she has had her head beaten in.”

Detectives found she was killed after being struck over 30 times in the head with a crowbar and Pomphret admitted killing her but claimed it was manslaughter due to “loss of control”.

Prosecutor Gordon Cole, QC, said: “It may be loss of temper, but not loss of control.”

Richard Pratt QC, defending, said the severity of the injuries which indicated a “frenzied and complete loss of control.”

He told jurors: “What happened was this is a case where a quiet man finally snapped and unhappily he was a quiet man with a tool in his hand.

“It was a crowbar. It led to him repeatedly striking his wife over the head with a crow bar.”

Mr Pratt told the jury of seven women and five men the defendant had been the model of restraint despite facing long standing “vocal and sometimes violent” abuse from his wife.


Mr Pratt said the jury will hear from the couple’s daughter, Megan, 18, who describes her father as “her rock” while her mother would call her a “fat slag”.

The defendant was a “quiet and calm” individual with an “impeccable” character and “extraordinary powers of self-restraint” the jury heard, despite his wife’s abuse of her “useless” husband.

Mrs Pomphret had suffered from cancer, was on the autism spectrum and could be “highly volatile”, sometimes loving and warm and sometimes violent.

The family lived in Warrington but also owned land with some stables nearby on Old Alder Lane, where they kept a number of horses.

Mr Cole said Pomphret initially told 999 call handlers he had come round the corner to find his wife dying which was “a complete pack of lies”.

The defendant told them: “She is white as a sheet, chest isn’t moving’ and refused to perform CPR.”


He asked why it was taking so long for help to come and said: “Who would have done this? Who has done this to my wife?”

Pathologist Dr Alison Armour found Mrs Pomphret died from severe head injuries caused by multiple blows to her head.

The attack caused brain injuries and damage to her skull and significant blood loss.

The extent of the injury made it difficult for the doctor to accurately assess the number of individual blows that were struck to Mrs Pomphret’s head.

She also sustained “multiple defence type injuries to both arms and hands, trying to fend off the blows being directed towards her, consistent of being inflicted by a crowbar.”

Pomphret was re-arrested on April 2 and despite blood spots having been found on his socks he still maintained he had nothing to do with his wife’s death.

The court heard that Mrs Pomphret had been diagnosed with mental health issues including being on the autism spectrum and had been receiving treatment for cancer.

Mr Cole claimed that Pomphret only changed his mind when all the evidence had been obtained and he had no choice.

The prosecutor said: “He had elected to tell lie after lie and hope that the police would not be able to piece together the evidence to show his guilt.” The trial continues.

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