Woman, 24, ‘banged on windows screaming for help’ as jealous lover put noose round her neck in three hour torture

Woman, 24, ‘banged on windows screaming for help’ as jealous lover put noose round her neck in three hour torture

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A mum-of-one has told how she “banged on windows screaming for help” as her jealous boyfriend put a noose round her neck during a three-hour ordeal.

Vile brute Stefan Carr, 28, repeatedly punched terrified girlfriend Bethany Marchant, threatened her with a knife and vowed to drive a car into a reservoir drowning them both.

Brave Bethany Marchant endured three hours of torture at the evil brute’s hands
Violent thug Stefan Carr was caged for more than 11 years for the sickening abuse
West Yorkshire Police

On Monday he was jailed for 11 years and three months for the attack on Bethany and an earlier assault on a previous girlfriend.

Bethany has now spoken out about her ordeal to encourage others to seek help if they are in a violent relationship.

Bethany, 24, a dance teacher, and Stefan had been together for seven months.

It was the night Stefan, from Castleford, confessed to cheating on Bethany that “all the torture started”.

A heated argument turned into a sustained series of attacks on Bethany – which were caught on the CCTV at his home on May 5.

He was filmed pushing her from room to room and seen preparing a noose which he briefly hung Bethany from.

Carr was captured on his own CCTV preparing a noose
West Yorkshire Police

She told the BBC: “I was banging on windows, screaming. Every time I’d scream, he’d put his fist in my throat…I couldn’t breathe.

“He locked the door, took my phone off me, he would suffocate me, strangle me.

“This went on for hours until eventually he got a ready-made noose from a chest of drawers and hung me from the door for three minutes.”

She said he dropped her to the floor and she was “vomiting everywhere”.

Her ordeal only came to an end when a neighbour called the cops.

She said: “The neighbours had seen Stefan with a knife at my throat through the window and they’d phoned the police.

“They made another call once they could see Stefan putting me in the van. If they hadn’t rung the police, I wouldn’t be here today.”


In a victim impact statement read out in court she said: “I never thought Stefan would ever hurt me or was capable of nearly murdering me but he proved me wrong.

“He just completely flipped and I was so terrified, I thought that was it for me.

“I have been diagnosed with PTSD. Truth is I’m broken and struggling but that’s OK because soon I’ll be back stronger than ever.

“Thankfully he is locked away I can’t hurt anyone else.”

She urged others to speak out if they are in an abusive relationship.

“Don’t be pushed down by these people”, she said. “They belong in prison, they don’t deserve to be here.”

Carr pleaded guilty to attempted grievous bodily harm on Bethany and two earlier assaults against a former lover he tried to suffocate.

Leeds Crown Court heard how he was on bail for those offences when he attacked Bethany.

Detective Chief Inspector Vanessa Rolfe said: “Carr subjected his victim to a lengthy and terrifying ordeal.

“His victim was truly put in fear of her life by the violence of his actions, and we commend her bravery in both escaping and in supporting the prosecution against him.

“We are glad his guilty plea has saved her the ordeal of providing evidence, but it must be noted that the strength of the case against him did in part come from Carr effectively recording and documenting his own criminal acts.

“Hopefully his victim will now take some comfort from seeing him put behind bars.”

She added: “We would always encourage victims of domestic abuse to come forwards and contact us.

“We can promise that all reports will be dealt with sympathetically and fully investigated.”

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